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"Cocochoco". Manufacturer of keratin is the Israeli company G. R. Global Cosmetics. The process of hair straightening are the following: first the master is washing the hair with a special shampoo that opens the hair scales, then dries Hairdryer and deals tool, retreating from the roots to half an inch. Keratin is maintained for some time. Then the hair is straightened with a straightening iron. Within 72 hours after the procedure, the hair washing is impossible. This kind of keratin hair straightening is one of the most popular and affordable. However, the keratin Cocochoco has a significant drawback - too high content of formaldehyde, which is banned in Europe. The cost of straightening for long hair - about 3500 rubles.
"Brazilian Blowout". This brand is produced in USA. The advantage of a keratin Brazilian Blowout - production based on natural components. This keratin does not contain formaldehyde. But in its composition of organic protein compounds, which are major proteins of human hair. The result of this rectification exceeds all expectations: the hair smooth, shiny and manageable. In addition, there is a cumulative effect if you use tools to care the same company. The cost of straightening Brazilian Blowout starts from 10,000 rubles.
"Global Keratin". This keratin is also produced in the United States. After its application the hair is straightened beautifully shiny and shove. The effect of this procedure lasts up to five months. The advantage of Global Keratin straightening: the tool works with any hair type. The cost of rectification is about 8,000 rubles.
"Supreme Keratin" from Schwarzkopf. This keratin is designed for damaged, coloured and porous hair. The process of straightening hair is the same as with the rest of the funds. The result: smooth, manageable, shiny hair. Other effects users report seal hair and the weighting. Tool Supreme Keratin suitable for home use, however, the maximum effect can only be achieved in salon. In a series of Supreme Keratin there are additional funds after rectification: this shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment. Cost - about 3000 rubles.