You will need
  • - vitamins E and A;
  • - moisturizing and nourishing products;
  • - silicone for hair;
  • - leave-in conditioners leave-in;
  • - lemon and honey;
  • - Flaxseed oil or burdock.
Fluffy hair can occur due to the use of paint, many of the bouffant, long exposure to the sun and wind. If you have subjected your hair to such harmful effects may have occurred a failure in the body due to lack of vitamins and minerals. Return the health of yourself and your hair, take vitamins E and A.
Look on the shelves of cosmetic stores the line, moisturizing and nourishing the hair. Use all products of the series, because they complement each other's action and reinforce it.
Refrain from coloring and perms. Go to a Barber shop to an experienced wizard and enroll in the course of therapeutic treatments that restore damaged hair structure. For example, such action has bromoaniline complex.
If fluffy hair you have from birth, not necessarily to break their structure, just treat them a little differently than for normal hair. Use special silicone for hair. It is a thick liquid that is sprayed on the strands. The silicone makes the hair heavy, aligns them. Can before going out to spray hair mineral water, the effect will not be long, but will help with a small fluffiness.
Do not dry hair with a dryer, give preference to the natural process of drying the hair.
Use leave-in conditioners leave-in, but don't overdo it with quantity. If funds will be too much, hair will look greasy and oily.
Use a wooden comb to dry hair. Apply to smooth, tuck the hair using the round brush, apply the heat-resistant fixation.
Would be useful and popular recipes. Prepare lemon mask will make hair smooth and shiny, it will cure them. Squeeze into Cup the juice of a lemon, dilute with half water. Apply the solution on hair on all length and not rinse it off.
Honey is not only delicious, but also benefits the hair. Slather it on clean hair, wrap them in plastic wrap and a towel, go to bed. Rinse the product in the morning.
Massage into the scalp pre-heated burdock oil or flax seed oil. Comb apply all the hair. Carefully cover your head and hold the oil for two hours. After washing off the mask, rinse hair with lemon water.