General rules

  • If you have the opportunity to consult with the child's parents about the gift is the best option. Ask them what cartoons or movies watch their child, who imitates. Perhaps the child's parents will tell you that specifically wants their kid to a birthday, and will save you from the complex process of choice.
  • If possible to advice parents not, avoid trite and obvious gifts, which are on the first shelves in the Children's World, which is already the second month there is a sale, which you can see in the hands of passing toddlers. Most likely, the birthday boy, which you want to buy a gift, this toy too.

Gift for boy

  1. One of the Lego sets. There for every taste and budget. Age is always listed on the package. It is better to strictly follow age labeling, because it means the difficulty level of the game, where you build and value of the details. Produce sets of different movies (e.g. IronMan) and well-known cartoons. A lot of "malchukova" subjects.
  2. Machine. Most importantly as close to a real car in appearance. At the age of three plastic colored cars is not interesting, I want to "like daddy" or like the main character of my favorite movie.
  3. Locksmith set, where there's a hammer, a drill, a screwdriver and everything, everything, that is the Pope and what you want to play his son.
  4. The tablet - version of an expensive gift. This is a definite hit in the purpose with the gift. But, not all parents will be happy that their child had such a device. Be sure to try to find out their attitude towards this gift in advance.

Gift for girls

  1. Kits for creativity: from plasticine, various applications, drawings for stained glass Windows. If a girl is diligent, she will appreciate such a gift.
  2. Dolls, dollhouses, clothes for dolls. Better miliraty not Patriotic "babies", and modern Baby Born, Bratz, Barbie, Winx.
  3. Set for the doctor. Now sold in sets with a stethoscope, plastic syringes and various vials of drugs.
  4. Sets of children's cosmetics. Necessarily known proven brands to make it as safe for the baby.

Universal gift

The best gift is a book. A good book and a kid like his parents.

Recommend several options:

  • Sets a series of "School of seven dwarfs".
  • Book Rotraut Of Susanne Berner.
  • Books Irina and Leonid Tuhtaevich from the series "Zoki and Bada".