What to pay attention

Rash on the back of a child cannot pass unnoticed. The parents are sure to notice even the slightest redness of the skin during dressing or bathing. If the back appeared red dots, immediately inspect all the child's body and measure the temperature. For accurate diagnosis you will have to pay attention to a variety of related symptoms. The self to do in this case is not recommended. Incorrect diagnosis is established on their own can cause complications.


If the back of the child appeared barely noticeable bumps that resemble bubbles, such a symptom may indicate that the baby was infected with chicken pox. Rash first covers individual areas of the skin and then spreads throughout the body. The bubbles burst and thus cause a lot of discomfort. Chickenpox, usually accompanied by a fever, which subsides within a few days.

Chicken pox – a disease that is transmitted through the air or by close contact with an infected person. The best way to treat the disease is the lubrication of each zit with a small amount of green stuff. In some cases use a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Do such procedures should not just regularly, but almost constantly (10 times a day).


Measles is accompanied by not only a rash on the back of the child, but also a high body temperature. The baby very much inflamed mucous membranes, red eyes, a cough and a runny nose. The rash in this case has a very bright color. Pimples are usually red and inflamed.

Measles is a very dangerous disease. With the appearance of its symptoms should immediately contact a doctor. Otherwise, the disease can cause many chronic diseases, such as bronchitis or even cause pneumonia.

The sweating sickness

Miliaria is the most common and harmless cause of a rash on the back of a child. Small pimples appear on any area of skin, most often in infants. A heat rash usually goes away within a few days. The parents in this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the clothes and hygiene of the child.

Small rash can occur, for example, due to too warm clothes where the child is sweating, or when you have too much dirt on the skin, if you rarely bathe the child. The sweat is much easier to prevent, paying due attention to your child and what he's wearing.

Allergic reaction

Rash on the back may be a manifestation of an Allergy. When experiencing pimples, try to remember that the kid had eaten over the past few days. Probably the child had feasted on too many sweets, or bright citrus fruits.

Pimples allergies constantly itch and itch. The temperature rises only in rare cases. To fight allergies is possible with the help of special drugs, but first we need to give the child activated charcoal.