The reverse of the medal, or any problems worth the wait

A joyful sense of well-being and a small victory, when in the hands of a small wad of fresh bills, gives inspiration and a sense of fulfillment. The Bank approved the loan, entered into a formal loan agreement, with the obligation to repay monthly contributions accurately and on time.

In life there are different situations, any respectable borrower may suddenly be insolvent. If you resolve the issue with the lender directly will fail on you sue. In such cases, usually the court takes the side of the Bank. Further, all legal means will withdraw the amount of the debt and interest. The deal will give the bailiffs. They will evaluate your ability to pay, see how you live, check valuable property. In parallel will be phoning the Bank workers, come to angry letters. Travel abroad, most likely, will block. If the amount of seized property is not enough to pay off debts, you are discharged the writ. It will give the place of work and salary will deduct a certain percentage, by law, the maximum deductible amount cannot be more than 50% of earnings.

What are your actions

If your insolvency is real, you are in a positive way and wish to repay the debt, ask the court and the Bank about payment by installments. Confirm that the poor financial situation of the salary certificate or employment centre about the fact that you do without work, from traffic police - you don't have a car and other supporting documents. The more you provide – the better. Going to contact with the plaintiff, you can protect yourself from many unpleasant actions in their favor.

When the borrower ceases to pay monthly loan installments, automatically start calling, messaging, sometimes threats. You have the right to appeal to the Prosecutor with a request to protect yourself from such misfortunes. To deal with such intermediaries Bank you don't have to. Some banks choose that tactic, just applying penalties since the delay in the payment. At the time of going to court, the debt may be ten times to be longer than expected.

More devious delinquent when this situation occurs, begin to rewrite the property to strangers, and from the house to carry everything of value in order to avoid seizure. This makes sense, as the ceremony bailiffs will not seize everything that you can. To work you can provide notarial agreement on payment of alimony of disabled parents or their children in 50% of the charges. Then deduct the loan from your salary are not possible, as more than 50% is not deducted.

If you do not agree with the decision of the Bank, I believe his actions were illegal, or if there is disagreement about the credit amounts, prove his innocence and beat the Bank and sued on the establishment of installments. Terms of lending at all banks are different, for late payment may be assessed fines and penalties unilaterally without informing the borrower. You can hire a lawyer, an experienced specialist will help in solving the case and save costs.

There is a concept of "Statute of limitations", it is three years, after this time is recognized bad debt and the Bank can write it off on your own. If this happens, to pay the debts no longer have. But the blacklisting is guaranteed.

Before you take out a loan, do not overreach. If you experience an insolvent situation, try to behave according to conscience, greater than you have – you won't. Possible pay your debt or rely on the Statute of limitations.