Just before signing the contract read it carefully in its entirety. Please note: according to Russian legislation, the Bank has no right to charge you a fee for opening the account. As for the fee for account maintenance, in this case, you definitely need to ask the Bank, what services it will provide for the amount that is stated in the contract. The Bank must give you this information, otherwise it may continue to serve as a basis for litigation. The court you will undoubtedly be able to win, but the amount of compensation for moral damages for the wasted health and time, as well as compensation of costs for legal services you are unlikely to sue in full and in the shortest possible time, without having to claim.
If the Bank unilaterally changed the terms on consumer credit, taken by you, and warned you about this decision, please first contact the Bank for clarification with reference to the illegality of these actions. If the Bank will refer to the fact that such actions on his part spelled out in the loan agreement, pay his attention to the fact that under the law, such actions can be eligible only in respect of IP or entities to which you belong. In case of failure of the Bank feel free to contact with a claim to the court, which should grant you your request.
If you are unable to repay the loan at the moment in connection with the change of circumstances (illness, unemployment), we first turn to the Bank with the statement on installment loan. If the Bank you are denied, you can file a claim in court. Enlist the support of a good lawyer, as such cases might be arguable, especially if you have already had the delay on the loan.
If you acted as a guarantor for the loan, and the debtor and is not going to pay to the Bank, don't wait until the Bank sends you a bailiff. Contact the court about recognition of the contract is unauthorized. It will also require legal assistance, because only in that case if you are unable at the moment to pay for the debtor, the court may reject the claims of the Bank to you.
If the Bank asked for your debt collection service, call in witnesses in order to file for the Bank to court, such as the resale of debts from the Bank is a disputed transaction.