The problem of oily hair occurs because of violation of secretion of the sebaceous glands located under the skin of the head. These failures can occur in adolescence, when rebuilt the entire body, and disappear naturally after puberty. However, the reason for the excessive fat can disappear and the diseases of internal organs, for example, due to hormonal disruptions. In this case, it cosmetics powerless, but a doctor's consultation is required.
Use the shampoo-conditioner based on extracts of birch, seaweed, nettle, sage, aloe. Cosmetics, for example, with Shea butter and ylang-ylang, sound quite romantic, but unlikely to have on the scalp rather strong effect than the native sage or mother and stepmother. Exotic better "save" those hairs that have grown in the same habitat.
To restore the normal oiliness of hair, use preventive and curative shampoos based on tar or zinc. Apply them on wet hairs, more precisely, on the skin at the roots (since fat is produced not in the hairAh). For one wash it will need only 1-2 drops. The length of the hair doesn't matter. Lightly RUB the shampoo into wet palms and massage into the scalp inch by inch to the formation of a light foam. Wait 5 minutes, then rinse with water. To consolidate some of the funds should be applied again, then leave for a minute and rinse.
Traditional medicine offers many methods of removing hair of excess fat and give a healthy Shine. This decoction of chamomile (for blonde hair), lime flowers, birch leaves, or burdock. As a natural air conditioner use lemon water: the juice of the third lemon dissolve in 1 liter of water. Rinse hairs received "cocktail" every time you wash.