The beginning of the tail

зачем нужен животным хвост
The normal thirty-three vertebrae, which form the bones in the neck and spine. Snakes can be ten times more vertebrae. And most of the vertebrae grow ribs. In the place where the ribs end and the tail begins. A snake's tail starts directly behind the cloaca.

It is in amphibians, birds and reptiles. Its name it received in honor of the ancient sewer of Ancient Rome. In the case of the snake cloaca is a small outlet hole located on the bottom side of the body. Cloaca, in fact, is snake backwards, so, as in most animals, a snake's tail starts exactly from this part of the body.
If the snake is placed in the narrow space, it may consider its own tail the enemy, to pounce on him and bite. In some cases, the snake can choke to death.

The cloaca of the snake is very versatile. First, it serves for the excretion of urine and faeces, and the snakes there is no separate duct or passages for each of these biological wastes. Second, the cloaca is used during mating and oviposition. Males in the cesspool are "pauperise", during mating, the males turn them so that they stick out directly from the cloaca. Such "pauperise" differ significantly among different species of snakes as "receiving hole" in females, so that different types of mate can't.
In Southeast Asia there is a kind of gliding snakes. Snakes curled in a spring, pushing off of the tree and jump flattened, increasing the area of your body twice.

Different snakes have different tails

Какая ящерица самая длинная
Different types of snakes tails can be very different. Clipsmake, for example, have tails that are shorter than their torsos fifty times. At the end of their tails are thick spikes, which clipsmake abut the surface and drilled the heads of the underground tunnels.

The American rattlesnake in the course of evolution has got a rattle on end of tail. The rattle vibrates when the snake wants to announce his presence. The sound frightens many animals. Rattle can take up to fifty cycles per second. The Indians believed that sound is one of the most terrifying "natural" sounds of nature.

Have recently opened lognormality Viper on the tip of the tail there is a knot resembling a spider. This ornament serves as a lure for birds, which we gladly eats lognormality Viper.