Do not wash with tap water. It contains a lot of impurities, which do not favour your skin. The salts contained in the water remaining on the face after the water treatment, dry skin. It is better to use spring water or filtered.
Choose cosmetics according to the type of your skin. With the wrong selection you will avoid irritation. Try to acquire the funds, which is retinol.
Opt for exfoliating scrubs that contain synthetic abrasives. Their edges are smooth and that they don't injure the skin. If you have dry skin use a scrub with small particles. For oily and mixed the scrubs with salicylic or glycolic acid.
If you smoke, drop the habit. At least in order to make the skin beautiful. Smoking gives skin a sallow tint, and it overcame not very aesthetically pleasing. Do not get carried away sunbathing or visiting the Solarium. Use a sunscreen. If you constantly suffer from acne, reduce the intake of sugar. Everything you eat reflects on your face. And excess sugar in the body creates favorable conditions for bacteria.
Clean the skin at least two times a day. Daily nourish it and moisturize. To return to skin a healthy and nice color and frequent walks in the fresh air. Immediately upon awakening RUB the face with a piece of ice - it will help to tighten the pores.
Once a week is always to do mask. You can use ready-made, purchased in cosmetic stores or you can use traditional recipes. If you have dry skin in masks use fruit, mixed with honey, cream, sour cream or egg yolk. For oily skin better fit mask of sour milk and beaten egg whites. When applied to the skin remember that almost all of the masks prepared on your own, it is recommended to keep the face at least 20 minutes.