To make the skin perfect skin at home will help balanced diet and refusal of bad habits. Include in your daily diet as many vegetables, fruits and greens, and the result will not keep itself waiting long. In addition drink plenty of drinking water.
In order for the skin was perfect, a prerequisite will be and regular exercise. In addition, if you want to complexion improved daily walk in the fresh air.
Determine what type belongs to your skin, and use only those cosmetics that suit your skin type. In this case give preference to those vehicles that are manufactured on a natural basis.
Protect your skin from the adverse effects. So, in the summer, do not overdo the sun for any prolonged stay in the sun use a cream with protective properties. In addition, a special protective cream is necessary in the winter.
To make the skin perfect in the home will help regular exfoliation. If you have oily skin type, then apply the scrub twice a week. If the skin is dry or combination, you will be more than enough cleansing once a week.
Do facial masks at least once a week, as they improve the skin tone and provide essential nutrients.
For skin in the eye area use only specially intended for this tool.
Give your skin regular meals and hydration – apply a few hours before bedtime nourishing cream. If the skin is dry and looks dull in the daytime, use the day cream.
Don't forget 15 minutes after applying the cream to remove the excess using a cotton pad or cloth.