The history of food

Among the Turks there is a legend about how Alexander the great in a military campaign put on bread thin slices of lamb, sprinkled them with lentils, watered yogurt and called the dish by its name – Iskander (Tur.). In the future this name principals not once, until the famous danar kebab, which the Greeks called "gurus", Indians and Pakistanis – "kebab", and the Arabs – "Shawarma".
There are many types of kebab, but the most famous of these kebabs shish kebab and sausages on the skewer kebab.

Recipe danara is quite simple: thin slices of chicken or meat tightly strung on a vertical skewer and slowly rotate over the coals until Golden brown. Podgorelkina pieces cut from the skewer with a sharp knife and wrapped in flatbread (pita bread), adding to it the salad, rings of onion or finely sliced vegetables. At the end of danar kebab basted with plenty of sauce. The result is so delicious food that her fans claim that time stops when they eat danar-kebab.

Recipe danar-kebab

To prepare danar, you will need:
- Georgian lavash (3-4 pellets);
- 500 grams of chicken;
- 2 tomatoes;
- 1 cucumber;
- 1 bulb onion;
- 2 tablespoons seasoning for chicken;
- 2 tablespoons of olive oil;
- 150 ml of kefir;
- fresh herbs, ground black pepper and salt to taste.

Mix olive oil with seasoning. Thoroughly rinse the chicken and cut it into cubes, putting them for half an hour in oil with spices. Next, salt the chicken and fry it in a pan until fully cooked. Cucumber, onion and tomatoes cut into small pieces and mix them in a salad. Fresh herbs chop with a sharp knife, put in the yogurt and mix well.
Instead of chicken, if desired, can be put in danar kebab lamb, Turkey or any other meat, including fish.

Tortillas pita bread warm in a clean pan for several minutes, and then slice them with a sharp knife with one hand and put the fried pieces of chicken. Then put in pita bread vegetable salad of cucumber, onion and tomatoes, pour all the ingredients of yogurt sauce and serve the dish to the table. To use danar kebab preferably only in the form of heat until it is fragrant and hot, but chilled it does not lose its unique taste. If desired, you can sprinkle a topping of ketchup mixed with mayonnaise.