Quality criteria of the product

According to the accepted June 12, 2008 law entitled "Technical regulations for milk and milk products", butter is defined as a product made from cow's milk. Mass fraction of fat in it should be 50-85%.

Quality oil is also not allowed to include fat non-dairy origin.

Unfortunately, the cost of butter is not always a guarantee of its quality and compliance with the above mentioned rules of the Federal law.

In Russian stores you can buy this product for 90 rubles, but it's pretty easy to "stumble" and counterfeit at the price of 150 rubles and more.

Brand butter

Modern TV and on the Internet a lot of different studies that reveal high-quality and low-quality products on the shelves of Russian supermarkets. One of them is deemed to be the most authoritative, last year was held by the specialists of the St. Petersburg public organisation of consumers "Public control".

The results of laboratory tests, the experts took to the course with the relevant rules of following a good brand of butter:

"Farm" from OOO "Mitra" with a share of the fat content of 82.5%. The cost of this product is quite reasonable – only 50-60 rubles per pack weighing in at 180 grams.

Oil "Madam" of JSC "Gatchina milk plant" with a fat content of 82.5%. Its price is about 100 for a weight of 200 grams.

Sweet butter with the same fraction of fat of JSC "Rosehkspoprom" and is priced at 90-95 rubles per pack product weight 180 grams.

Oil "Kalevala" from the manufacturer OOO "TF "pole" with 82,5% fat. It costs 80-90 rubles per 200 grams.

The product from company "First Petersburg dairy plant" - 80-90 rubles for 180 grams at a fraction of fat 82,5%.

As you can see, the cost of these products does not exceed 100 for 180-200 grams.

According to studies, abnormalities were detected in:

Oil "Ostankino compound" from company "Vivat+". The reason is the proportion of fat content is lower than the manufacturer stated on the packaging, the increased humidity of the product, the presence of fat non-dairy origin.

The product under the trademark "Vologda dawns", "dyad'kovo-milk": pasteurization flavor, mealy texture, mass fraction of fat content lower than specified, the lack of milk fat.

"Peasant" oil from Tver, OOO "Rik" with heterogeneous texture and a mass fraction of milk fat less than 15%.

To disallowed also placed oil "Grandmother's products" (LLC "Ivmolokoprodukt"); the product of the "Dairy plant Ufa" oil "Volot", LLC "Production plant "Volot"; oil from company "Hermes"; product from OO "Tavern "Altay"; oil "Russian tradition", "Version" and "Village yard" of JSC "Ozeretskoe dairy".