All reputable pediatricians in one voice told that fresh milk is by far the before use you need to boil. And when you boil all its useful properties, and harmful bacteria disappear.

Views Spock and Komarovsky

Dr. Komarovsky about fresh milk, says: "In the fresh milk contains many hormones, which can affect early sexual development in girls and delayed sexual development in boys". But all the same milk, according to Dr. Komarovsky, it is not necessary to give the child up to the age of 2 years. Yes, breast milk rich in nutrients, and chief among them calcium, but it contains such substances, for example, phosphorus, which are very poorly processed child's body, and in addition, the phosphor directly affects the absorption of calcium. Therefore, the less age your child is, the worse this steamy drink will affect the condition of his bones. The main point in the use of milk is the quality of raw materials and the amount of alcohol consumed per day of milk.
If the volume that the child drinks, not more than 200 ml, such a small dose will not adversely affect the stomach and the bones of the baby.

Benjamin Spock believes that a child should drink in day approximately 1 liter of milk. But it is not necessary to give to drink pure. It is possible to give the child cocoa to cook porridge with milk, to make ice cream, as processed milk in any form and at any the food is much better absorbed by children's body, because milk protein will not be present in pure form.

But the pediatricians all over the world do not recommend to drink cow's milk to children under 2 years. It is best to replace it with a tailored mix of marks on the Bank 2 or 3 (from 6 months to 12, and the following for children older than 12 months).
These mixes are as close to female milk, and in addition they still present all the necessary substances, vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the child at different stages of his life.

Benefits and harms of fresh milk

Milk is useful due to the large content of calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and other substances. But there is one thing big but that can turn everything useful that is in the fresh milk into huge health problems of the child is the quality of the milk. Yes, if the cows were provided with green food, full compliance with hygiene and sterility in the cows, nobody would have given them antibiotics, etc., of milk, of course, it would be 100% useful. But unfortunately all parents, such an ideal situation in today's world is impossible to achieve. Even a domestic cow, which eats in the summer in the meadows, and in winter, hay from these fields will never give organic milk. There will in any case contain harmful bacteria, within 2 hours after milking the milk will be most useful, but if not put in cold, the amount of bacteria in it will start to increase dramatically.