You will need
  • Baby, milk, cunning and patience
Persuasion does not help, threats do not make sense, so you can try to accustom the child to the milk of other methods. The first step is to stop making the child to drink milk. Children usually take their lead from parents, so it is much more efficient at Breakfast time with the baby to drink milk, showing pleasure. Because the child does not understand why he needs to drink milk, but the parents do not. And if the baby refused milk only from harm, the example of parents gradually change the situation.
If you use whole milk problems, you can try to give the baby formula milk, then gradually switch to milk. In addition, there are many options for delicious milkshakes, tasting that will not stand in any child. Knowing the tastes of the baby, the cocktails can be prepared with bananas, apples, raspberries, strawberries and other fruits and berries.
Should run some experiments and learn to make the most delicious cocktail, ask your toddler to help in the selection of ingredients. Milkshake more useful by contained vitamin products, the sweetness of the cocktail can be given with honey, in case if the child is not allergic.
Also worth a try to switch to yogurt, fermented baked milk or yogurt. They are no less useful for the baby, but you need to pay attention to the product and choose a more natural. It is more likely to cook oatmeal with milk, such as cream of wheat or corn. It is possible that the child won't even have to force him to eat porridge. Many children define "Goodies" of products in appearance.
If you buy a beautiful baby Cup with a picture, bright tube, which the child can bend in any direction, there is a high probability that the milk will eventually become a favorite product.