Advice 1: How to make photo like in instagram

Instagram is a social network which is the basic concept - fast processing and sharing of photos online. The popularity of this service has increased rapidly, and as a consequence, the notion of "making pictures in the style of Instagram".
How to make photo like in instagram
You will need
  • photography;
  • - Internet;
  • - computer or mobile device.
Now in Runet there are many different services that are likened to the concept of "Instagram". So fashionable photo processing is now available not only owners of IPhone. These sites and apps allow you to do effects like "Instagram" using a desktop computer.
To make a photo like in Instagram means to pass alternately the three phases. Combining variants of these stages allows you to create a large number of photos with totally different effects.
The first step is the choice of filter. Typically, the services and applications offered to choose up to 30 different filters. The second selection effect: various scuffs to the multi-colored glare. And finally - many framework in which you can put your photograph.
Choose the device on which you want to process and share in social network photo in the style of instagram. This can be a computer, tablet PC, smartphone, or Apple.
To work on the computer more convenient to just upload the photos on special services and to treat them online. Such services are not as common as a mobile app, but the quality of them are considered Pixrl ( and Rollip ( They work absolutely for free and have the opportunity to take photos online with built-in camera.
The most common application, as close to to Instagram, EyeEm is (works on iOS and Android). The program (and even a social network) attracts intuitive interface and a rich set of filters. They say that Americans prefer EyeEm to Instagram.
Very interesting for young people is the Hipster app (suitable for Android). In addition to numerous effects, the program generates its own frame (or offers to select) for your photo. But the scope here is not the usual "interamnia", and turns the photo into a beautiful card. Subsequently, it is possible to send to a friend via Facebook.

Advice 2 : How to view photos on instagram

App Instagram lets you take photos with a smartphone, then process them and send to the server. To look at the work of other users in Instagram no less fascinating than photographing yourself.
How to view photos on instagram
If you are an Instagram user, and you have unlimited mobile Internet, run the program, then click located at the bottom of the screen a button with a stylized "square star". Turn on the search mode. Appears random snapshots. You can watch any of them, but you can find those who need you.
Enter a search term in the program and click the virtual keyboard with the magnifying glass. Scroll the virtual tape from the sketch to desired pictures, then click on it. It will open in full screen. It is possible to increase and decrease. To do this, place the screen with two fingers at once, and then without removing from the screen, respectively, increase or decrease the distance between them.
You can only search for users by nicknames. While in the search mode, click Users. Type in the search bar your desired user name and click the virtual keyboard button with the magnifying glass. You will see the list of users, nicknames which correspond to the search criteria. Select the desired user, and load the tape with his photographs. Now you can view any of them full screen by clicking on it.
In the absence of an account in Instagram, but the presence of a smartphone on Android or iOS and unlimited mobile Internet access, install the app Instagram, respectively, of Market or App Store. Run it and you will be asked to register. Registration is free and can replenish the virtual photo album then you are not obliged. You can only see photos taken by other users.
See photos to Instagram from computer or phone platform that is incompatible with this app (but also with a browser and unlimited Internet access), you can through the website "Webstorm". Pre-register to Instagram from someone else's compatible phone, and then immediately log out of your account, writing the username and password. Going to the website Webstagram, click on the "Login to Instagram", and then enter your username and password. You can now search for photos and view them.

Advice 3 : How to add photos to Instagram from computer

Instagram is a popular social network where users post beautiful pictures and apply colorful filters. While not everyone knows how to add photo to Instagram from the computer to bypass the mobile application.
You can add photos to Instagram from computer
You can add photos to Instagram from your computer by using one of the special apps that you can download from the Internet and install on your home computer. Probably the most convenient one is Gramblr, which allows you to upload photos to Instagam for free. The program is easy to use: just log in using her social network and through a special interface to start to download photos.
The application Gramblr has some disadvantages, for example, through him not to crop images into a square, and the maximum supported size is only 500 KB. Some users find a way out that taking pictures with your phone in the proper format, and then transmitted to a computer that is already sorted and publish suitable in Instagram via Gramblr.
BlueStacks is another free application that allows you to add photos to Instagram from your computer. BlueStacks is an emulator with which you can run Windows programs designed for Android. Using this application needed to be downloaded to the client computer Instagram, and then you will have all possibilities to edit and share photos. The disadvantages include a fairly complex interface that requires time to learn.
If you are using a Mac, the Apple Store, you can purchase a pay program Uploader for Instagram, which has basically the same effect as standard clients for mobile platforms. Just log in to your account, choose the desired image and using the menu "Services" go to Share ti Instagram. Here are the necessary options to make the images square shape, apply filters and add hashtags. It should be noted not a very good quality of images downloaded through this app.
Use to upload photos to Instagram from your computer. The site is paid, and the monthly cost of the account will cost you $ 9-99. This gives enough opportunities for the placement of images directly from the computer and of excellent quality, but the service is aimed more at corporate customers who daily download the social network hundreds of photographs and images of various kinds.

Advice 4 : How to upload photos in instagram

Fashion to upload pictures on various sites, forums led to the creation of special software for quickly uploading photos online and share them. "Instagram" allows you to join the millions because it can be used on any smartphone, PC or laptop.
How to upload photos in instagram
You will need
  • smartphone;
  • - personal PC, tablet or laptop;
  • - the "Instagram" suitable to a particular mobile device.
Download the program either via iTunes or using the appStore or Google Play. One option is Dropbox, which will fit in any PC or smartphone. In the menu, locate the installed program (downloaded app) and run it.
At the bottom of the screen, look for the Sign up and sign in. Enter your email address, name and password. Add profile photo. It is easy to do using the "Gallery" of the smartphone and downloading the necessary file on your PC or laptop. If I use the phone, tie the account to your phone number.
Relieve all your favorite photo files to the corresponding folders of your computer, laptop or phone. Import contacts users, which I would like to be friends with. Instagram is more like Twitter than, for example, in "Vkontakte". That is, you need to "followit" people – if someone's photo like it, press Follow, and when I added someone as a friend and click Done.
In the Feed tab, you will see the people who were added as friends. If you need to refresh the page – at the top right is a button that you press. Likes on Instagram are very welcome and a button to put someone like can not be overlooked.
In Instagram section, share (to share). Use this button to publish the photo. Hit it in the format of a photo and make a new frame. To send a photo that is already in the machine, press the button in the form of several photos and select for publication.
In Instagram there are different kinds of filters, use any photo immediately acquire other qualities. Tab "Popular" contains the most popular and interesting on the website. View all the best photo, referring to this tab.
Sign photo. This is What button and Where. The first is the description of the photo, the second is the place where it was made. To save the changes, click finish.
Authorization "Instagram" you can go and using other social networks such as Facebook.

Adding a photo in Instagram, select the desired files are not from the "Gallery" and from Dropbox.

Advice 5 : How to save photos on Instagram

Instagram, considered one of the most popular social networks, not only gives a great opportunity to publish their own photos, sharing them with friends, but also allows you to admire the works of others, sometimes representing real masterpieces. Very often, users desire to keep one or the other photo, but not everyone knows how to do it.
How to save photos on Instagram

Why keep photos in the network Instagram

News not even the most active user Instagram is updated so quickly that sometimes to find seen yesterday or the day before a photo is not just difficult, but almost impossible. Many users really miss the "Save" button, to copy your favorite picture, so you have to find workarounds.

Save photos to phone

The easiest way to keep the photo of another user is to use the "Share" function built into the standard application for iPhone or smartphone on Android. In this case the photo will appear in your own feed and will be saved in the same folder, which are composed of other photos processed with Instagram. The drawback of this method is obvious. Namely, the photo doesn't just continue, but will become part of your tape, and want not all.

Of course, you can make a normal screenshot and then crop it in your graphics editor to size the images. But not all know how the screenshot is. Most often this is achieved by simultaneous pressing a certain combination of phone buttons, with the method that is triggered on one phone model to another may be completely non-functional. And the resolution of such images is rather mediocre.

For more or less quality photos will have to use side application. Users of iPhones and ipedo for these purposes may install the program Gramory, which will not only save photos, but she is essentially a full-fledged instagram client with a lot of additional opportunities. Those who has a device on the Android platform, it is better to pay attention to the application InstаSave. This program allows you to download all of the photos marked " during viewing of the tape, then the huskies will be easy to remove.

Save photos to your computer

If all the above methods seem too complicated, or simply when you want to save photos straight to a computer, you can use the free software InstagramDownloader 2.0. You will need to launch the app, enter in your search string the name of the user who uploaded the desired photo. After clicking on the arrow in the program directory as a text file saved direct links to the desired photo.

It is easier all the same can be done using the service It does not have anything to install. Enough to link to, also enter the user name to open the photo and keep it in a standard way: click the right mouse button and selecting the appropriate context menu, or just pressing the button Save image.

Advice 6 : How easy it is to create a photo collage on the computer

Creating photo collages is an exciting experience not only for professional photographers but also for Amateurs. To work with collages does not require special knowledge and there are free programs and online editors.
photo collage

Program to create photo collages

The easiest and most common way to create photo collages – work in Picasa. Picasa is a popular substitute for the preinstalled image viewer from Windows, and allows you to not only view images but also make an easy photo correction. To create a collage in Picasa, you need to open the necessary files in edit mode, choose in control panel "create" and open the "create photo collage". In this way, you can create collages in different shapes, sizes, and grid spacing. Collages are saved in the Picasa folder under "Pictures". The resulting image can also be edited (to change exposure, white balance, saturation) and "Picasa", and in any other program editor.

Free program Photo Collage Max offers plenty of backgrounds for collages (pictures for greeting cards, calendars, etc.). Unfortunately, its advantages are exhausted, so how to edit it is virtually impossible.

The Russian program photo Collage gives you a free trial version (10 days) paid annual update. In the Collage quite a lot of types of background, there are good tools for creating beautiful labels. The program interface is in Russian language, which makes it easy to understand it.

More professional collages with the effect of multiple exposures and working with layers can be done through programs for photographers Adobe Photoshop. Since Photoshop is a professional program, every collage will be individual (templates Adobe does).

Online editors

In addition to PC programs, there are also online editors, among other functions, which is the creation of photo collages. The most simple and easy to use is a website where you can not only create collages, but also to impose on the resulting image filters, subjected to the color correction, light retouching or cropping. In addition to creating a collage on the website you can compose a stylish card using your photos and prepare photo collages to print.

Most popular collage maker is Instagram. Create a collage in Instagram directly from smartphone or tablet from the photos that were taken on a mobile device. This collage is not very high-quality look in print, but look good in social networks or on the screen of a personal computer.


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