You will need
  • photography;
  • - Internet;
  • - computer or mobile device.
Now in Runet there are many different services that are likened to the concept of "Instagram". So fashionable photo processing is now available not only owners of IPhone. These sites and apps allow you to do effects like "Instagram" using a desktop computer.
To make a photo like in Instagram means to pass alternately the three phases. Combining variants of these stages allows you to create a large number of photos with totally different effects.
The first step is the choice of filter. Typically, the services and applications offered to choose up to 30 different filters. The second selection effect: various scuffs to the multi-colored glare. And finally - many framework in which you can put your photograph.
Choose the device on which you want to process and share in social network photo in the style of instagram. This can be a computer, tablet PC, smartphone, or Apple.
To work on the computer more convenient to just upload the photos on special services and to treat them online. Such services are not as common as a mobile app, but the quality of them are considered Pixrl ( and Rollip ( They work absolutely for free and have the opportunity to take photos online with built-in camera.
The most common application, as close to to Instagram, EyeEm is (works on iOS and Android). The program (and even a social network) attracts intuitive interface and a rich set of filters. They say that Americans prefer EyeEm to Instagram.
Very interesting for young people is the Hipster app (suitable for Android). In addition to numerous effects, the program generates its own frame (or offers to select) for your photo. But the scope here is not the usual "interamnia", and turns the photo into a beautiful card. Subsequently, it is possible to send to a friend via Facebook.