You will need
  • smartphone;
  • - personal PC, tablet or laptop;
  • - the "Instagram" suitable to a particular mobile device.
Download the program either via iTunes or using the appStore or Google Play. One option is Dropbox, which will fit in any PC or smartphone. In the menu, locate the installed program (downloaded app) and run it.
At the bottom of the screen, look for the Sign up and sign in. Enter your email address, name and password. Add profile photo. It is easy to do using the "Gallery" of the smartphone and downloading the necessary file on your PC or laptop. If I use the phone, tie the account to your phone number.
Relieve all your favorite photo files to the corresponding folders of your computer, laptop or phone. Import contacts users, which I would like to be friends with. Instagram is more like Twitter than, for example, in "Vkontakte". That is, you need to "followit" people – if someone's photo like it, press Follow, and when I added someone as a friend and click Done.
In the Feed tab, you will see the people who were added as friends. If you need to refresh the page – at the top right is a button that you press. Likes on Instagram are very welcome and a button to put someone like can not be overlooked.
In Instagram section, share (to share). Use this button to publish the photo. Hit it in the format of a photo and make a new frame. To send a photo that is already in the machine, press the button in the form of several photos and select for publication.
In Instagram there are different kinds of filters, use any photo immediately acquire other qualities. Tab "Popular" contains the most popular and interesting on the website. View all the best photo, referring to this tab.
Sign photo. This is What button and Where. The first is the description of the photo, the second is the place where it was made. To save the changes, click finish.