You will need
  • - Live CD.
Take a drive LiveCD any Assembly. Such discs can be bought in shops that sell various movies, games, software. It is also worth noting that the images of such systems are no problem to find online and burn to disc. Be sure all check downloaded files with antivirus software since viruses can get into your system. Importantly, the disk contained a program to test hard drives from different manufacturers. Boot the computer from an optical disc, putting the right priority in the Boot section of the BIOS and motherboard.
Run the program to test the hard drive. For example, Victoria will give information about the status of the hard drive and will test it for the presence of BED-sectors. Bad sectors is a sign that Winchester is out of order. Usually this program scans your hard drive for a few hours, and the time depends on the size of the disk, so you have some time to wait.
If the program found bad sectors, use the utility hard drive recovery. For example, the utility HDDRegenerator testing the hard drive and immediately corrects found BED sector. Upon completion of the program displays the number of corrected bad sectors. Repeat the procedure again in a month. If bad sectors are found again, it is likely that Winchester will have to change, so as to store information (and especially to install) do not.
If your house is often flashing lights or turned off altogether — install an uninterruptible power supply. Due to power surges not only can you lose data on your hard drive, but also deprived of basic parts of a computer power supply and motherboard.