You will need
  • - Tires;
  • jig - saw;
  • - paint;
  • construction helmet;
  • - gypsum;
  • - cotton fabric.
Make adorable snails. For this you need old tires, paint and a jigsaw. Draw on the wheel the outlines of faces snail — head and horns. Also draw the neck. Using a jigsaw cut out the lid and remove. One end of the wheel wrap in the shell and fasten with screws. Some snails would look great on the court.
In addition to the snails make a hedgehog. Take a construction helmet, remove from it all unnecessary. Cover with a layer of plaster with a thickness of one centimeter. Then plaster vilaite needles. If the surface is uneven and has cracks, apply it with a brush dampened with water. After the hedgehog is dry you can start painting. Draw the eyes, mouth, nose. Black paint can be painted needles.
In the design of the Playground, use a homemade chickens and a rooster. The pattern stitch bird collection. The material use cotton fabric.
Chickens are stuffed with synthetic padding, as tight as you can. Surface cover with gypsum or alabaster. After the first layer dries, apply a second. Smoothen the irregularities.
Shall describe the product with acrylics and coat with varnish. So the birds are standing, make a stand. In the center is a hammer a long nail, and inside of the products insert a blank rod from a pen. Rod put on a nail, and chickens will stand.
Install houses and structures of different shapes. Thanks to them, children can have fun on the kindergarten territory.
The rack houses on the one hand cover with a tent or a colored material. The other side decorate with climbing plants. Such houses are popular among children very popular because they allow you to play role-playing games — in a hospital, school or family. In addition, such structures allow teachers to watch and guide her in the right direction.