The name "milk" for the first teeth of the child originates from time immemorial. It is often asserted that the term was coined by Hippocrates, as a description of what the teeth have grown baby, still feeding on mother's milk. However, experts claim that the name is simply the result of an incorrect translation from Latin. Initially, these teeth were called livact, i.e., temporary. By analogy with the word lactose the word translated as milk.

How the replacement of milk teeth to permanent

The processes that occur inside the jaws of the baby, many doctors call a miracle. Because molars begin to form even when standing all dairy. The change of teeth occurs at fairly clear pattern. When the time comes, the roots of baby teeth dissolve, and the teeth start to wobble and the resulting fall out.
Sometimes parents are worried that the loss of milk teeth is a painful process. Moreover, the tooth often appears pus. However, it is worth remembering that all this does not hurt. And most importantly – natural.

Teeth begin to fall out and be replaced in the order of their first appearance. That is, as a rule, the first are replaced by front bottom two teeth, then upper, etc. there is a change of teeth in each child individual time. On average, the replacing will begin at the age of 5-6 years and ends in 12-14 years.
The so-called "wisdom teeth" can appear in 20-25 years, and not grow at all.

Naturally, all individually, and someone's first teeth started to fall out at the age of 4 years. This is also a variant of normal, especially if baby came early – 4 months in. If parents believe that the change of teeth has begun early, you just need to see a doctor. He looks at the jaw of the child will assess her and give their recommendation for treatment or care.
You can often hear the recommendation to show the child the doctor "prevention" even if you are sure that everything is in order, if his teeth began to change at the age of 4 years.

What to do if baby tooth fell out too soon

Of course, there are situations when a child has a baby tooth falls out and at 2 and 3 years. This is directly related to the fact that the tooth is sick. The baby was there, the doctors have even invented for such cases a special holder for teeth. It helps to save space for the growth of the permanent tooth, and does not move other teeth to fill the space.

What to do when you lost a tooth

Nothing supernatural to do if a tooth falls in the required time, it is not necessary. Just enough not to give the baby two hours nothing to eat or drink to the wound a little too long. This will help to avoid inflammation in the damaged region.

Can the first few days rinse your mouth with saline solution it disinfects and sterilize an open wound in the jaw. For the preparation of such means is sufficient only in a warm glass of water to dissolve 2 tbsp of salt and add a few drops of iodine.

Often kids are scared of the fact that they start losing teeth and I'm afraid of the process. To eradicate the fear and make the process of change of teeth for a child is enough just to come up with a little tale to give the tooth the mouse, to make a gift for the tooth fairy, etc.