Find out the size of your hands, if the jewelry you buy for yourself. Measure circumference of the arm in the place where you will wear the bracelet using a tailor's centimeter. Add two inches to the result. Thus by measuring the hand, you will know the size suitable for your bracelet. Two inches to the girth of the hands add to the decoration it is easy to fasten and wear comfortably, without risking to lose it.
To know the right size of bracelet for watches, it is also necessary to measure the hand at the right place, not forgetting to add the additional two inches. Measure from one bow to the other length hours. Subtracting the length of the watch is the result of girth hands, you will receive the bracelet size for hours.
To find out glove size, measure your hand as follows. With the help of tailor centimeter * measure circumference of wrist. Usually measure the right hand. Girth is measured in the center of the fifth metacarpophalangeal wrist. Express the obtained value in centimeters, rounding it to the nearest whole number. The resulting number will correspond to the size of your hand.
Measure the hand you have and in cases where it is necessary to correctly calculate the length of the sleeves: when sewing or buying clothes. To determine the sleeve length, take a mate, because to measure the right hand one you will not succeed. Wait freely and directly. Keep the shoulders in position peculiar to you. A little bend at the elbow and slightly pull forward, pressing a hand to the body. Now your helper should set the beginning of the tape measure to the place where your shoulder ends. Installing the correct tape and secure it in this place with his free hand. At this time your helper should hold the tape at the outer side of the hand on the forearm through the elbow to the wrist. Determine the size of the sleeves, the result on centimeter tape. How well you measured the hand, is the future of your clothes.