Service work is not vanity, but not when the "burns report" came "deadline" and have to catch as much as possible in less time. And here comes the realization that it's time to perform the defragmentation procedure, to PC was a little faster.

What is defragmentation

The information on the computer is recorded on the hard disk unevenly. It is distributed at random on the availability of sectors and clusters.
Defragmentation is best carried out regularly, and for this to create a task in the Operating System.

This situation sooner or later leads to the fact that the read head slowly find desired area of the disk. On the visible level, this is reflected in the so-called "brakes". The operating system for a long time "digesting" the request and may not give the desired result as quickly as the impatient user. In this case, and needs defragmentation to organize the data.

The impatient user syndrome

When the computer is busy defragmentation, hard drive downloaded very much. The read heads have to work in hard mode. To find information, to read, to overwrite the new location to make it orderly. At such moments, ideally it is best to leave the PC alone and do something else.
Impatience is not a Vice for the user, but when you are working during defragmentation, it will slow the process even more.

But as you know, is never ideal. In the real world, when the defragmentation takes a couple of hours, which is not uncommon, the user may fail to withstand and start working to complete the required operations.

And nothing wrong with that, if you accept the General slow operation of the system. The reading heads of the hard disk you have to spend time on the ordering information, and fulfill your requests. This is reflected in the slow opening file "stuttering" audio and the "brakes" video. To lose the information so you will not be able, if only during defragmentation will not be a sharp surge.

Well, if your computer is more than one hard drive. Then you can work with the files on one disk, and to defragment the other. Then, if possible, to transfer information on the first disc and the second to run the defragment. It will lower the losses over time and speed up the overall process.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity, then do not bother to make computer system faster and do not turn it off until the operation is complete. Check the defragmentation at night and quietly go to sleep. If the work is short, you can perform various actions simultaneously with the service PC. Strict restrictions can not be here, but just recommendations.