Cork tree serves as a durable and flexible material, which has dozens of varieties. It is perfectly suited to create a flap for the kitchen. For kitchens with a small relatively budget, the perfect shield, which will be made of corks. All tubes will need to put in a box of mahogany, in this case, they will look perfect in a kitchen interior. All tubes have to fit exactly in the frame, made from mahogany, with their help, if you want, you can create a unique pattern. Allowed, if necessary, cut the tube into two halves, to put it in a frame. You can also go another way, but you will need to collect approximately 600-650 tubes. You want to cut them in half, and then attach the flat side to the wall, pre-lubricated with glue. Instead of glue to apply double-sided tape.
Using corks from wine bottles, you can create their own pictures, coasters or Bulletin boards. As the strength of the cork tree is high enough, you will not need to strengthen it with additional materials. However, if you wish, you can apply for tubes spray polyurethane, but it must be done before the moment you start to lay them in a planned composition.
Can be created from tubes that are left over from wine bottles, beautiful bath Mat. For this you will need about 150-200 tubes, high quality glue, as well as a convenient place to put drying a rug.
Cut a small hole in the middle of the tube, then insert back wedge and place in the neck of the bottle with olive oil or vinegar, and you will be able to get an original dispenser.
Cork from wine bottles, previously revealed in honor of any memorable events can be stored in frames, which are hung on the wall. For example, you can save the cork from champagne that was opened in honor of the birth of your child. The main thing – to choose the right place to post all the pictures with the plugs.
Make the tube a small incision, and then align her bottom, in this case, you may have a credit card, use of which will be for dinner parties, as well as a holder for business cards.
The tube can also be used as holders needles from your sewing kit, only one tube will be enough for about ten needles.