Where piranhas live?

выглядит пиранья
Piranhas inhabit rivers in South America. Its habitat stretches for tens of millions of square kilometers from the Eastern border of the mountain range of the Andes to the Atlantic coast. Piranhas inhabit the waters of the Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. There are more than twenty species of piranha. Some species grow up to two feet in length, others are just a little length of a few centimeters.

Contrary to popular belief, most species of piranhas are harmless. Only four species of these fish are aggressive and can be dangerous to humans. There is plenty of evidence about the attack by piranhas on humans, however, none of these cases did not lead to fatal consequences.

The word "piranha" in the language of the South American tribes of Indians means "fish-tooth". The title is a succinct characterization of the fish in which the teeth are exposed due to the particular structure of the lower jaw. Controlling movement of the jaw muscles are very strong. Actually piranhas do not rip the prey apart, and cut small pieces of meat. The teeth of the piranha are extremely sharp. It is believed that they can damage even metal.
Piranhas are cannibals. They can easily pounce on their wounded relatives.

Popular myths about piranhas

Как живут рыбы
Imposed contrary to the stereotype of the adult piranhas do not form large schools. In the aquarium in new York, where bred piranhas, these fish were kept at a considerable distance from each other. However, during feeding they pounced on the prey in a tight group. After the feeding they restored the usual distance. Moreover, when the density of fish exceeds a certain allowable value, the piranhas began to fight among themselves.
It is unknown exactly how the piranhas feel like prey. Perhaps they focus on the movements that make them victims. Scientists have suggested that piranhas can respond to changes in water level.

Piranhas are quite popular for cultivation in aquariums. However, in most countries, their breeding at home is prohibited. Many owners of piranhas for the fun of release of these fish into natural waters, resulting in the media often there are news caught in the Volga, the Vistula river and the piranhas. Fortunately, the severe winter did not allow these fish to adapt to the cold rivers. So the main place of their habitat remains Amazon.