Advice 1: How to pass a lie detector

Lie detector is a very "hyped" power and many other structures of the device, allowing to determine the person speaks the truth or lying by monitoring vital signs. But if the polygraph is so "powerful" device, and the common man has absolutely no chance to deceive him?
How to pass a lie detector

The principle of the lie detector

The lie detector, or polygraph - a device for carrying out psychophysiological research by synchronous recording of vital parameters: heart rate, respiration and electrical skin resistance and bursts of activity in specific brain regions.

The results generalized and indicators was further used to determine the reliability of the obtained during the interview information.

The history of the polygraph as a tool to determine lie is rooted in antiquity - thousands of years ago, joining together in a social, large and small groups, people began to understand the need to identify the perpetrators of a particular offense a crime.

For example, in China the person who was indicted, his mouth filled with rice, and after conviction he spit it back: if the rice was dry, it was believed that the man is guilty, because the fear of exposing the person stops salivation.

Interesting way of defining the reliability of information was practiced in Ancient and Medieval India: there the accused had to answer any the first who came to mind with the word questions about the details of the crime that he informed the Prosecutor, and thus strike the Gong. Usually the response to a critical word was accompanied by a more severe blow to the Gong.

Today, the polygraph device is very common, but often is exposed to criticism by scientists and psychologists who questioned the fact that the polygraph collects "at least 95% accurate information".

Ways to cheat the polygraph

That "is" the absolute infallibility of the polygraph is a great tool in the hands of the chiefs and government structures, which, in fact, allows you to win even before the battle started, making possible interrogation to suppress any desire to deceive or hide information.

In fact, there are many ways of cheating such devices, and the American soldiers and NATO troops, there is even a special program - "Resistance to Interrogation" (Rus. Resistance to interrogation), during which soldiers are taught the ways of deception lie detectors.

There are a number of people that will be much easier to cheat them. These include: social psychopaths (for them there are very different rules - their heart is not eknet when your eknet), pathological liars and good actors.

The first step towards cheating the polygraph will be the realization that he is only a device, the machine. You need to overcome a "reverent" fear of the lie detector and before the operator of a polygraph.

First, the most common method is the use of beta-blockers that hide the change in your vital signs. On the palm (joined sensors of sweating) is usually applied different ointments based on salicylic acid or other substances that prevent sweating.

The second method is totally unrelated to the application of some chemistry, but is associated with the use of other "substances". So, on the eve of a polygraph test can be drunk in the morning blunted emotional state are not adequately analyze the issues and therefore will not cause a reaction. In addition to the alcohol also helps a prolonged lack of sleep also interferes with the operation of the CNS.

If alcohol, beta-blockers or lack of sleep sometimes can be seen with the naked eye, the third method is not defined when passing a polygraph by any means. The method consists in the complete suppression of their emotions through deconcentration and looped attention on a single object (a glass, a picture on the wall, lamp). Neutral voice, response before a given issue and the missing, directed into the void look - here are the basic signs of the use of this method.

Advice 2 : How to ask the man what he hides

For various reasons, you need to find out what hides. But it is not so easy, because the source does not have to make contact and share secrets. Everyone has skeletons in the closet, but if you do decide to open someone else's, then there should be resort to a number of ways.
How to ask the man what he hides
Formulate your questions so that they did not have any reproaches. Then the answer will be more open, you will be better able to clarify the situation and to understand the unconscious attitude of the person – will alarm it, or remain calm.
To find out is your interlocutor is of particular interest in a certain topic or a specific person, do the following: give him a variety of information touching on a specific topic. During the conversation he either will be curious only to one subject, or Vice versa – equally talking about all show his indifference.
The basis is a specific fact that you known. Ask the personwhom you suspect about it. If he wants to hide something, you would know.
Put next to two people. One of them must be the person you want to find out information. Let them know that you don't trust both of them. Then be sure to tell that one of them is very dangerous for some reasons. Watch - someone will start to worry.
Ask a direct question: "How would he have done in this situation?" Be sure the source will tell. A psychological trick is that if the resolution of the situation involves only one reasonable solution, and your partner in conversation will give some ridiculous answer, then you need to look at him.
You are going to learn about the secret hidden behind seven seals, but not to behave like Sherlock Holmes. You, first and foremost, not a detective, and a subtle psychologist, who must establish contact with the interlocutor. Behave naturally and friendly.
If the person covers his mouth with his hand, according to the sign language, that means he's hiding something and doesn't want to Express their position.
A number of people prefer a scheme of "wolf — prey". If you know that the other person is vulnerable, vulnerable to influence and really has something to hide, act aggressively, ask sharp questions, you attack. You will see that it will start to stumble, stutter and make excuses that do not would have absolutely, because you have no direct evidence. However, keep in mind that perhaps your companion is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and the grin you will have together. And then it will rudely ask why you sticking your nose in his business.

Advice 3 : Body language: how to know if you lying man

Studies show that 70 to 90 percent of our contact is non-verbal. Let's find out what actually the man says when he communicates with you.
Body language: how to know if you lying man
How to become a lie detector body Language is a reflex. Scientists have found that all that we feel, first manifested in the limbic system of the brain, and only a few nanoseconds in our minds. That is, gestures and movements — this is the most that neither is true. At first glance, to be lie detector is very simple, only need to know what the gesture means. However, even the most highly skilled professionals will be able to define the meaning of physical reactions only 60%. To increase the chances to correctly read the body language of your man, you need to see how it behaves in the natural environment, given the bad lighting, the drinking glasses of champagne and many other factors. Simply put, look at your partner as closely as possible. Only then will you be able to determine its behavior when "something goes wrong". Ask the man a simple question, such as who he wanted to be in childhood. And once he relaxes, rate his behavior in four levels: comfort, setting, sequence, combination.
How comfortable? First, rate how comfortable his body. YES: Leaning towards you, torso and feet deployed in the direction convenient for eye contact. NO: Turns away from you, hands are hidden, or looking at you but constantly looks away.
body language
What does his posture? Furnished: Fidgeting, avoiding prolonged eye contact, nervous? Is this normal on a first date. Leaned back, arms crossed on his chest? Your man is not willing to participate in the conversation. But perhaps in a cafe, where you sit, just very cold. Before you will be able to interpret gestures, assess the situation. Sequence: His actions must correspond to words. If he says he's fine and having the time of my life, but looking at the output or said "Yes" but shakes her head — it's a bad signs. Combination: the Majority of gestures is better read in conjunction with each other. If a man just avoids talking about his ex — not to worry. But if the question of why they broke up, your partner starts banging hand on knee, looking to the side, to grab his neck, touching the nose, earlobes — look out, here something not so!
body language
His smile is real? Let's see, did his smile look? A fake smile will only affect the lips, while a real smile will leave the eyes of the tiny wrinkles, which, in the opinion of experts, practically impossible to forge. Nose Dilated nostrils indicate increased heart rate. This may mean that the man is angry or sexually aroused. Possibly, both. Torso People tend to look in the direction of his interest. If a man, in a conversation with you, turns away, so his focus is not on you.
body language
Watch your feet People say that eyes are the mirror of the soul. But experts believe that foot will tell you about the true intentions of the men. It's very simple: if the feet are pointing towards you, you are the object of his attention. If the direction to the door but he had already left.
body language
Hands If men hands on the table and turned the palms up is a sign of peace and open interest. Conversely, hidden under the table the hands of the interlocutor is a sign that he has something to hide, or your partner just nervous.
body language
Touch it's who we are: what we like, we want to touch it. If a man tries to touch your hand to support the waist, no doubt — he is clearly interested in you. On the contrary, the gesture when a man put his hands behind his back, right suggests you "don't get too Close!" Foot If a man sits with his legs apart, he feels himself master of the situation. If his legs are crossed, notice where turned leg, lying on top of you or in the opposite direction?
body language
Eyes All know - when a man lies, he tries to hide his eyes. Notorious liars know this axiom better than others and try not to give out. And lie looking you straight in the eye. Pay attention to how often flashes your partner. A normal person blinks about 6 to 10 times per minute. More often blinking is a sign that you are deceived.
body language
Listen carefully Ask a direct question and listen. A man may avoid a direct answer and would say something like, "I'm a good guy. Do you think I could have done this?". Or the opposite answer with lots of details and parts. Remember, in either case, he is trying you to spend.
body language
Your body language Keep your body open and relaxed. If you want to impress a man, be it a mirror: lean toward him as he leans closer to you, raise a glass at the same time with him, imitate his gestures, copy tone of voice. So he will feel that you are very similar, are "on the same wavelength".

Advice 4 : How to pass a polygraph

Situations when you need to pass a polygraph, not so much. For example, it is used by some companies to check new employees upon hiring. The polygraph is also used in criminal proceedings. The passage of the polygraph can cause great anxiety even for those who have nothing to hide. This procedure is necessary to prepare in advance.
How to pass a polygraph

What is a polygraph and what you want

If passing the polygraph depends on the further development of the judicial process or your employment, you will surely want to know what this procedure is. Of information on this subject quite a lot today, you can read about it in books and on specialized Internet-resources. The main thing you need to know is that the polygraph does not yield accurate results. The effectiveness of such studies is growing, but incorrect results are still.

The reason of having to complete research on the polygraph may be different. If it is associated with a specific incident, you probably will know what you want. If you get a job, as a rule, specific information you will not wait, the goal is to understand your propensity to those or other actions related to the upcoming work.


To significantly increase the successful completion of the procedure, it is possible to work out in advance, but it should be done correctly. There are many methods of testing on a polygraph, as well as control tests to them, you can find them on the Internet. Carefully read these procedures and practice before the passage of the polygraph.
In the procedure of passing the polygraph there are many subtleties. Get as much information as possible about it before getting tested.

Feel confident

On the day of passing of the polygraph dress more conservatively, try to impress those who will carry out the testing. Arriving at the place of testing, be confident, and remember that it is possible, for you will observe, before connect to the equipment. This can be a hidden camera, and also the people who will conduct the testing.
Excessive sweating can be regarded as an indicator of lying. To avoid using deodorant the day before and the day of testing.

Types of questions

In the process of passing a polygraph, as a rule, you specify three types of questions. First, ask neutral questions, the answers to which are obvious, for example, "what is your name?" or "How old are you?". Then there are major issues directly affecting test, for example: "have You ever sold drugs?" or "have You ever stolen in the workplace?". At the end of the test ask test questions, they need to compare your responses with responses to the main questions. To security questions, as a rule, given to monosyllabic answers "Yes" or "No", but to answer them honestly very nice and comfortable. Test questions will depend on your previous answers. For example, if one of the previous questions you will answer what they stole, a control question might be: "do you steal now?"

Try to always answer "Yes" or "No"

For most questions one-word answer is enough. Never make excuses or try to explain what you mean. You can provoke a detailed response. Do not give in to this, if the question did not imply. Answer questions calmly and politely, but do not give more information than is really necessary.

Keep calm and answer clearly

In the first half of the test you need to preserve maximum calm, try to keep breathing at the rate of 20-30 breaths a minute, take deep breaths. Keep calm on the test questions will be harder, but try to do it as necessary. Passing the polygraph is a serious procedure, do not attempt to joke or cheat, the answer is seriously, clearly and without hesitation.

Advice 5 : What questions to ask when testing on a polygraph

The polygraph, or lie detector, is mainly used when taking employees to work and is a separate "interview" with the examiner – a specialist, which analyzes the polygraph evidence and separates the truth from the lies.
What questions to ask when testing on a polygraph
A polygraph test begins with the test object attached to several sensors that will monitor the psychophysical state of check on the lie detector man. After that, the examiner will try to find the so-called point of reference – States that are, when I'm sure you are telling the truth and probably lying. To do this, the specialist sets their client basic questions.

First, those which are not imperceptibly to lie. This includes topics such as name, clothes, skin color, and also features, as a rule, is inherent in all people. After that, on the contrary, the examiner asks you to lie. This approach allows us to gather information about the condition of the body when the person is lying and when telling the truth. Now you can start the real testing.
The polygraph interview usually lasts two to three hours with a small five-minute breaks. Questions are usually no more than a hundred, but they are repeated periodically to gather the most complete and accurate information.
Hiring employees in the state, executives are primarily interested in whether the candidate drugs and did they ever, also not to avoid questions about the theft and other illegal activities, even if it's a penalty for crossing in the wrong place. To lie is not necessarily – an experienced examiner before a series of tricky questions always offers to confess himself, without the participation of the polygraph, noting that "confession" will be counted when applying for a job.
Sometimes present and quite personal questions about betrayal, friendship, dreams. Often employers are interested in your attitude towards others and to their superiors. It's not always nice, but too candid or intimate questions, as a rule, does not happen.
Is it possible to cheat a lie detector? This question is not quite correct, much more relevant other – whether it is possible to trick the polygraph? It is the professional specialist will analyze data and make decisions about what lied under test.
The most well-known ways of cheating a lie detector is not working today, and experienced professionals can easily see the point where the test trying to have fooled the polygraph. However, many people manage to deceive and lie detector and polygraph. But you need to have good nerves and try to deceive the examiner still in the stage of search of points of reference, confuse the program and its operator at the beginning, when serious questions still far.
Useful advice
It is not necessary to pay special attention to the words of the polygraph when he will say that the veracity of the test is 100%. This is done in order to test especially nervous at the questions he wants to lie.

Advice 6 : How to learn to distinguish lies from the truth

What are the signs in a conversation to determine is lying to you or not?
A lie or the truth?

There are many methods of discernment of truth and falsehood. The main of them is based on the observation of facial expressions and gestures. If you learn how to read them correctly in the source, you find out he's lying to you or not. But if he has the concentration and self-control, it is unlikely that you will succeed. If only you won't be as attentive and focused.

In any case, remember that the liar is always harder than you in the sense that he feels some discomfort, as it feels that there is likelihood of its exposure. If he fully controls his gestures, that is not easy, but doable, then surely in the speech to make mistakes it will be easier with the help of your guiding questions.

So, the person who tries to deceive you, in every way trying to divert your attention from the essence of the conversation, diluting your speech useless facts to be more persuasive and, as it seems, to submit to our attention more plausible picture.

When your opponent frequently uses the words in conversation from your question, it indicates that he is with you not honest. Even if he takes the serious conversation into a joke, you know, he's trying to lie to you. Also, the rate of speech you can discern that he is lying to you. If it with frequent tempo changes and intonations, pauses, then the person is insincere.

The manifestation of turbulent emotions usually indicates that your opponent is trying to cover up their true motives and to divert your attention. Follow look. If the person in the conversation often looks away to the side, he is lying to you. I hope these observations will help you to bring clarity in dealing with people you suspect of insincerity with you.

Advice 7 : The polygraph is not the best way to learn the truth

Many believe that the most effective method to learn the truth is to resort to the use of the polygraph. If some errors occur, everything comes down to the inexperience of the technician who conducts the test, but in any case no one suspected of being unreliable equipment.
The polygraph is not the best way to learn the truth

In various sources one can read that the validity of the test is 97%, and even higher. On the contrary, recited in the instrument is not entirely accurate. This false information is confirmed as experts, who are checking and stakeholders. Primarily this is done in order to increase the demand for the use of this type of service. Moreover, such service is not cheap, which means he brings a good income. Also when performing this test before it began, the subject is the psychological impact. Therefore, the specialist would win even before the test.

The polygraph can easily fool the normal social psychopath. This is because it cannot adequately perceive and evaluate the situation, and he is no such thing as morality. Liars also are easy to trick this device is recited. Often they sincerely believe in what they say, so the polygraph perceives their speech as the truth. Easily cope with this task and talented actors. Still easy to cheat the polygraph and covert ops employees that have appropriate training.

In order to successfully pass a polygraph, you need to get rid of the guilt and to overcome your fear. You need to be sure, even if the past is any sins.

Is the advice useful?