What is a military ID?

Military ID is issued to all military service citizens of the Russian Federation in the process of their service in the Armed forces or is issued in case of admission to the reserve, and also in a legal exemption. As soon as the age men up to 27 years, the military enlistment office is obliged to issue him a military ID. Information about this can be obtained from p. 24 of Annex No. 9 to the Statement PP 9, 16 Order MO the Russian Federation 400.

Necessary steps in obtaining military ID

Order citizen was removed from the military account, his age must reach 27 years. This is confirmed by the birth certificate and passport. Copies of them are in the personal file of the reservist. It is believed that the citizen has reached age 27 only at the end of the day, which was his birthday.

If you are going to pick up a military ID, you need to write the application in two copies, which will be a requirement to obtain a ticket on the basis of paragraph 1 and article 22 of the law on IN the armed forces.
The application should be made in any form in the name of the military commander of the military.

The officer of the Commissariat is obliged to register your application, sign it and put today's date. One copy remains with the citizen receiving a ticket. The conscription Commission approved the decision on issuance of the ticket, and this decision must be made within ten working days from the date of its adoption.
Very often this procedure is delayed, and the case could go to trial. Therefore, a properly executed statement will be useful in case of solving the problem.

It happens that the usual measures aimed at making military ID is not valid, then it is recommended to go to the military Prosecutor. You can use it to achieve the desired result. The above recommendations are suitable for people with a spotless reputation.

What you need to have to design a military ID

To purchase tickets you will need the following documents in the military to be carefully checked:
- the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
black - and-white photographs in the amount of two pieces on matte paper. The image must be made on a white background and without area. Size 25*20 mm;
- high school diploma, if any. Provided original and copy;
- diploma (if any) on secondary and higher education. The required original and copy;
the original c copy of driver's license (if exists);
- photocopies of passport pages 2, 3 and 5 pages, photocopied on one sheet.