You will need
  • phone.
Enter your SMS editor phone. In the Recipient field, enter the number in international format. In total there should be 11 numeric characters before the country code, always use the + sign. As Moscow is in Russia, enter +7. Next, code an operator of the recipient - it is three-valued. After it entered the remaining digits of your mobile phone.
Next, click on send and wait for the notification message is delivered when its receipt is configured in your phone. It is best to enable an alert, as in the case of unsuccessful delivery, the system may simply not inform you about it.
If you want to send SMS to Moscowfrom outside the territory of the Russian Federation, take action similarly. If you are sending messages from Russia, you could have +7 to replace 8, it is best not to do it. + The phone is on key 0, just press and hold a certain period of time. If your model phone this is not provided, please read carefully the instructions relative to the input numbers.
If you send SMS messages to Moscow from roaming also operate similarly. Remember that in this case (while in roaming) some mobile operators often have problems with delayed or non-delivery of SMS messages in cities of Russia, so it is best to configure the maximum period of attempts to deliver your message in the appropriate settings menu of your mobile device.
When sending SMS messages to short of rooms in Moscow do not forget to pre-check on the Internet some services refuse to this number and whether they do. The same applies to other short numbers.