Over the years more and more difficult to congratulate the spouse unusual manner. Fantasy is depleted in proportion to the number of years lived together. Information about what kind of gift he wants the wife, simplify your life with only half. It is important not only to give a good gift, but make it very special.

Romance never fails. If you recently married, romantic greetings to your wife seem very nice. If your marriage has turned a lot of years, romantic things mentally will return your wife to the beginning of your relationship, which will be only a plus.
It is best to give the woman something beautiful and "useless". Of course, a set of ceramic pots will make your life more comfortable, but a brooch or earrings, in most cases, cause more vivid reaction.

Congratulate your wife romantic

Don't try to do everything as something funny or "cool." Women love cute and delicate things, not too many girls happy or even adequately perceive jokes and jokes as a congratulations. So the best option to congratulate the couple can be called poetry. Not necessarily grinding out rhymed lines, especially if you have no experience or talent. It is sufficient to choose a good poem about love, it definitely will sound better than sloppy "Julia, I love you!". If it is read at the time and in the appropriate setting, the woman certainly will appreciate it. Most importantly, remember: it's all in the entourage and according to place and time. If you read a favorite poem to your wife in a nice restaurant, and handed her the gift, your wife will be happy. Women can see the publicity of the act. If you really want to devote the wife personally written you a poem, test it on friends and acquaintances.
Do not forget about colors. A beautiful bouquet, presented in the morning on the day of birth, make your spouse's day.

Congratulate a spouse unusual

By the way, if you have a voice and a musical ear, think about how to sing a song in honor of your spouse, especially if you are going to take her to the restaurant. This, of course, requires training and rehearsals. But remember, almost all women want once in your life to hear the Serenade in her honor. The balcony and the guitar in this case can be neglected.

If you want to impress your wife, give her a special surprise. Purchase a ticket to a sanatorium or to a country where you and your wife wanted to visit. Don't say anything to the wife for her birthday, a sudden gift of such a plan will cause an amazing response, most importantly, do not let it slip in advance.