Advice 1: What to give sister-in-law

Walks a lot of jokes about the relationship of daughters and mothers-in-law. They fold differently, but the holidays have not been canceled, and no matter how you treat the daughter-in-law, she is already a part of your family, and the gifts do still have.
What to give sister-in-law

It is not necessary to give the daughter-in-law

Very difficult, not communicating closely, to guess the gift of a daughter-in-law. Especially if your choice fell on jewelry cosmetics, perfumes and things like that. Therefore, if you are not sure, better not risk it. There are many other things. Clothes: skirts, dresses, blouses also set aside, to guess the size and taste is not easy.

What can you give sister-in-law

Not to miscalculate with a gift by choosing household goods. Then you need to choose something that fit the style for the house of your sister-in-law. Quality items will always be useful. Remember another rule that says that a gift should not be cheap.
Better to give one nice potholder than a set of poor quality towels for the kitchen, walking money to buy both you'll spend about the same.

Bed linen, bath and kitchen towels, potholders, napkins - all can give, and as bought in the store and making it ourselves. If you don't know what to give, you come to the rescue of a modern form of gift certificate. Select the store, buy a beautiful card and give it to the daughter-in-law. But what to do, she will decide herself. It is, indeed, a very convenient option.

Very easy to choose a gift if the donee has a hobby. Then you can head to a specialty store on the profile of the Hobbies of the bride. But be careful, people have long been passionate about something, usually very well versed in their attributes, and most of the tools and devices they already have, so it is better to give consumables.

Another good option is that you can give your daughter a new hobby. Try to choose an initial set, for example, scrapbooking or accessories for embroidery, perhaps a gift to a girl like it and she is seriously fond of them.

Remember that gifts can be not only material. The best gift for a young mom from sister-in-law, mother-in-law or other relatives of the husband will be free. Release the daughter-in-law to walk up to visit friends, sit in cafes, and do sit with your grandchildren.
Daughter-in-law will appreciate this gift and will certainly be very grateful.

You can not choose the gift alone, but to connect to this lesson for your son. He probably knows very well his wife and will help you with the selection, and then maybe I'll tell you what you didn't even think. After all, two heads are better than one. In any case, a gift is always nice. Do not be afraid that the daughter would react to the gift picky, because all the people appreciate the attention, not only material values.

Advice 2: What to give his mother in law

The relationship between mother-and daughter-in-law are not always straightforward. If you are not yet married but going to live with the mother of her future husband in peace and harmony, you need to pick up the key to her heart is through a good relationship. Not superfluous will be the right gift, chosen with thought and care and mother-in-law.
What to give his mother in law

Original gifts

If the tastes of the future mother-in-law you are still not very well known, but you want to make her a good impression, it is advisable to stay on the neutral gifts, which, however, are original and unusual. A great choice will be a personalized gift – tea set with monogram of her initials, elegant teaspoon with engraving or an expensive handkerchief with an embroidery-monogrammed.
Most women will enjoy a luxurious bouquet of chocolate flowers made to order in a nice confectionery.

Flower pot suitable for gift-in-law who loves house plants, but do not give large flowers. Ideal is the elegant white rose, bright and gentle violet or luxurious and refined Orchid.

Jewelry mother-in-law can give the elegant decorative box decorated with pearls, rhinestones and thread. Other decor items the woman will likely be pleased to obtain expensive original vase or an elegant wrought iron candle holder that will add to the interior of her room a little Polish and your presence. For lovers of cute girls, a good gift would be branded compact, business card holder or, if the mother smokes, dear ladies cigarette case.

Conquering the location of the mother-in-law

To win the favor of the future mother-in-law, give her tickets to a new show, movie or unique show, considering her tastes. Go to the event with her to get acquainted and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. If the mother in law watching him, gave her a subscription to a fitness club.
Young mother-in-law will also enjoy gift certificate of beauty salon, cosmetics shop, or if she loves to read, bookstore.

Ask your men what color prefers his mother, and choose a shawl or stole in this color scheme. You can also purchase a cozy sofa cushions with beautiful ornament, cotton Terry towels and home textiles – expensive festive tablecloth, napkins for table layout, and so on.

Be sure to give your gift with pre-prepared words that will help you to impress the mother-in-law a good impression. Try to be sincere, friendly and smiling – this may depend on the calmness of your family life and even my relationship with my husband.

Advice 3: Why is it difficult to get along mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

Conflicts between daughters-and mothers-in-law are quite frequent. It is especially difficult to get two women in one apartment, because to ignore each other in this case is almost impossible.
Two mistresses are difficult to coexist peacefully in the same apartment. Every woman has their own idea of purity, comfort and need for household chores. For example, mother-in-law believes that it is necessary to wash the floors every day, and the daughter-in-law enough 2 times a week. One woman is not without dinner 3 course, and the other keeping fit, not eating after 6pm and introduces her husband to a healthy lifestyle. Do I need to iron sheets? Mother-in-law certainly does, and daughter-in-law doesn't want to waste time on it.
Each of the women their view on the household and it makes her uncomfortable to live by someone else's rules. Therefore, conflicts on home soil is almost inevitable. Mother-in-law are often the best of intentions wants to teach the daughter to do everything "right." Young wife takes advice as criticism, resentment and invasion of personal space.
Often the mother intervenes not only in farming but also in personal matters between a son and his wife. Some moms impartial speak about their daughters, and sometimes lash out at them and spoil this relationship in the family of his son. Mother in law wants to have her baby was the perfect wife, so the criticism daughter-in-law is always there. Some mothers are not willing to realize that my son is grown now and has the right to live their lives. In turn, the sister-in-law, tired of the intervention mother-in-law in all family matters, often put the husband before a choice: "either I Or she."
Often mother and wife vie with each other for the love of the son and the husband. Both require gifts are not worse than he gave the second woman. The mother-in-law may consider that the son unduly indulges his wife and daughter-in-law think that her husband too much money from the family budget is spent on the mother.
When in a young family there are children, there is another reason for conflict. Over the past 20 years the recommendations of pediatricians and psychologists in relation to the care of babies has changed dramatically. Mother-in-law, based on its experience, can offer to start feeding with 3 months, to give the baby a pacifier to a newborn dopisivati. Mom can feed the baby up to six months exclusively breastfed, not to give pacifier and wearing a baby in an alien to the older generation sling. Despite the fact that both women want the best for baby, they can make the house unbearable psychological atmosphere, and it will affect, primarily, on the child.
Therefore, more and more families are struggling to start to live separately from their parents. If young people have no money to buy a home, they moved to a rented apartment.
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