It is not necessary to give the daughter-in-law

Very difficult, not communicating closely, to guess the gift of a daughter-in-law. Especially if your choice fell on jewelry cosmetics, perfumes and things like that. Therefore, if you are not sure, better not risk it. There are many other things. Clothes: skirts, dresses, blouses also set aside, to guess the size and taste is not easy.

What can you give sister-in-law

Not to miscalculate with a gift by choosing household goods. Then you need to choose something that fit the style for the house of your sister-in-law. Quality items will always be useful. Remember another rule that says that a gift should not be cheap.
Better to give one nice potholder than a set of poor quality towels for the kitchen, walking money to buy both you'll spend about the same.

Bed linen, bath and kitchen towels, potholders, napkins - all can give, and as bought in the store and making it ourselves. If you don't know what to give, you come to the rescue of a modern form of gift certificate. Select the store, buy a beautiful card and give it to the daughter-in-law. But what to do, she will decide herself. It is, indeed, a very convenient option.

Very easy to choose a gift if the donee has a hobby. Then you can head to a specialty store on the profile of the Hobbies of the bride. But be careful, people have long been passionate about something, usually very well versed in their attributes, and most of the tools and devices they already have, so it is better to give consumables.

Another good option is that you can give your daughter a new hobby. Try to choose an initial set, for example, scrapbooking or accessories for embroidery, perhaps a gift to a girl like it and she is seriously fond of them.

Remember that gifts can be not only material. The best gift for a young mom from sister-in-law, mother-in-law or other relatives of the husband will be free. Release the daughter-in-law to walk up to visit friends, sit in cafes, and do sit with your grandchildren.
Daughter-in-law will appreciate this gift and will certainly be very grateful.

You can not choose the gift alone, but to connect to this lesson for your son. He probably knows very well his wife and will help you with the selection, and then maybe I'll tell you what you didn't even think. After all, two heads are better than one. In any case, a gift is always nice. Do not be afraid that the daughter would react to the gift picky, because all the people appreciate the attention, not only material values.