The History Of Beefeater

The author of the recipe Gina is a premium James barrow, who in 1863 purchased the distillery. BiPar is the title of guardsman guarding the English monarchy. It is noteworthy that the main profession of the Creator of Beefeater gin, a pharmacist. James barrow for a long time been studying the effects of drugs on the human body. Most likely, this is due to the special knowledge in the field of medicine James turned the drink a lot of herbal supplements.
The word "Beefeater" means "meat eater". Originally Beefeaters called servants, who tried the meat products supplied to the monarchs. The main purpose of this tasting was to identify the fact of a possible poisoning products

For the production of Beefeater barrow decided to choose only the highest quality ingredients. The process of preparation and processing of all products is carried out manually. All the ingredients are soaked in special solutions throughout the day, and then going through hours of treatment. The time of preparation of the additives and their proportions calculated by James barrow.

Part Of The Beefeater

Beefeater is made of many components. The beverage base is wheat alcohol. Additional ingredients are juniper berries, violet root, lemon zest and oranges, malt, roots and seeds of Angelica, coriander and almonds. This recipe remained unchanged since the creation of Beefeater until the present time. However, a few years ago from a classic gin is a new variety. In addition to the traditional ingredients in the recipe is added twelve varieties of herbs. The name of this drink was "Beefeater 24".
The exact recipe of gin "Beefeater 24" only know six people. This information is carefully hidden from outsiders

Wheat alcohol unlike other varieties is the main distinguishing feature – a substance absolutely does not smell and has a very mild flavor. Some components included in the composition of the Beefeater, are brought to London from other countries. For example, the juniper comes exclusively with Italian land.

Used both varieties of the Beefeater often combined with tonic or in cocktails. Pure gin is definitely diluted with a lot of ice and is served only in small portions.