Drunkenness in Russia

Contrary to popular belief, Russia is not a world leader in alcohol consumption. The level of alcohol consumption per capita in the moment, even falling. This is due to anti-alcohol measures taken by the state the last few years, and growth in Russia numbers of Muslims, which faith forbids drinking alcohol. Our country is not even in the top ten, taking in alcohol consumption per capita is only 16 place.
Russia is traditionally considered one of the most drinking countries of the world. Along with a balalaika and a bear in a series of symbols of Russia, in the opinion of foreigners is vodka - Russian national drink.

Alcoholic ranking of countries

Top 20 of most drinking countries in the world, according to the who, looks at the moment like this: 20 place in Austria, where the annual drink of 13.24 liters of ethanol per year per capita. Meanwhile, 19 position was occupied by Slovakia from 13.33 litres. The UK and Denmark share the 18th place of this dubious competition. Poland in 17th place (13,25 liters), Russia on the 16th (13,50).
Alcohol together with other psychoactive substances used by man since prehistoric times. First, he was part of shamanistic rituals, then began to be used for recreational purposes as an appetite stimulant and antiseptic.

In the first ten missed France, Ireland (and Russia, has earned fame a lot of drinking in the country), Portugal and South Korea from 13.66, 14,41, 14,55 and of 14.80 liters, respectively. Ten most active users of alcohol includes Lithuania (15,03 liters a year), Croatia (15,11), Belarus (15,13), Slovenia (15,19), Romania (15,30), Andorra (15,48), Estonia (15,57) and Ukraine (15,60). The top three were Hungary (16,27), Czech Republic (16,45) and Moldova (18,22).

The numbers and reality

These figures however do not mean that alcoholism was less acute in countries which consume less liters per year per person, and more acutely, the leaders in terms of absolute consumption. For example, in the second place, the Czech Republic drinks a large percentage of the population, but alcohol abuse is relatively few. The most favorite drink of the Czechs, as you know - beer. In countries such as Russia, France and the UK, the number of liters per capita is lower, but very popular and hard liquor. In addition, in these States there is a sufficiently large percentage of teetotal for religious reasons, the Muslim population, while the amount of alcohol consumed is calculated by the total population. Thus, the drink here, not all, but those who drink tend to abuse.