The world's best medicine each is inclined to consider the one that is saved in the tragic moment in him personally or loved ones.
A surprising fact. The state, which officially appeared on the map just over 65 years ago and is in a state of perpetual war with Palestine, is a country with the best level of medicine in the world.
Objectively who experts on a range of indicators recognize the world's most advanced medicine in Israel.

Why medicine in Israel – the best in the world

High level of medicine in Israel, due to very simple factors:

A sound and generous policy of the state and private capital. About 5% of GDP is spent on health care, hence powerful material base.

Investment in research in the health sector, the acquisition of patents is one of the highest in the world. Up to 40% of students in health professions funded by state and public funds.

Established a modern production of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

The treatment of foreigners in Israel subject to the same laws as the citizens of this country. And the prices for medical services are cheaper than in America and many European countries. Therefore, to be treated in the Promised land coming from all over the world.

The most popular medical services


The primary and well-developed branch of medicine. Recognition and early detection of latent diseases were paramount. All advanced methods tested and introduced in the clinics, sonography with three-dimensional images, magnetic resonance examination, capsule endoscopy, diagnostic methods at the gene and chromosomal level. In General, the diagnosis of "unidentified disease" doesn't happen here.

The treatment of cancer

Here Israel recognized leader. Over 2013, 80% came to the treatment of foreigners arrived for the treatment of cancer. To detect tumors at the earliest stages, medications, surgery, hormonal treatment, the use of the latest technology radiotherapy allows to achieve unique results.

The best confirmation of the high level of medicine in Israel is one of the world's highest life expectancy of the local population.

Cardiac diseases are also detected and successfully treated here. Here spend a complicated operation on heart transplantation and insertion of pacemakers, perform plastic valves and stenting.

Total joint replacement, transplantation, surgery, ophthalmology – the list of areas, where high quality medical care is very high.