Advice 1: What beer is the best in the world

Beer has a long history, there are many varieties and flavors, which depend on the used ingredients. But such Beers, which law experts say is the best.
What beer is the best in the world

World Beer Awards 2013

Every year in the UK held a competition among manufactured varieties of beer from around the world. Experts evaluate the signature beverage based on such basic characteristics as number and timing of subsidence of foam, density, hop bitterness, malt flavor, etc. In 2013, the competition was special because among the winners were many Japanese Beers.

Speaking about the nominations, the best dark beer was recognized under the name Belgian Malheur 12. The number indicates the strength of the beer. Approval of the manufacturers, this beer is brewed according to the ancient recipe of one of the European monastic orders. The title of best lager (or lager beer) was given to the native of Foggy Albion called Sharp's Cornish Pilsner. To the great surprise of the audience, the best smoked beer has been recognized as varieties from Germany, France or Belgium. In 2013, like the title earned Japanese brand Tazawako Beer Rauch.

It was nominated for many more winners in more than 10 categories but from the point of view of jury, the best varieties of intoxicating drink was produced in the UK, Japan, Czech Republic, Belgium and Austria.

Quality available to consumers in Russia

In Russia beer is a very popular alcoholic beverage. With an enormous range of Russian brands on the market and represented a variety of foreign Beers, which are standard in the countries where they were welded. First of all this Czech manufacturer, like Krusovice. Under this brand is produced as a classic light beer and dark Beers. Dark beer has a rich taste with a flavor that speaks about quality rare malt, which is an integral part of the process when cooking dark varieties. The cost of one bottle/cans of 0.5 litre will cost in the region of 150 rubles.

The UK is home to many varieties of beer, such as Guiness, Murphy's, Harp, St Peters, etc. All these varieties can be bought in Russia, their price tag starts at 180 rubles. Very rich, long history different last brand. Beer under the trademark St Peters is in the ancient castle of the same name, in the County of Suffolk. The basement it is fully equipped for brewing. Hops and malt are grown in the same enterprise. Dark beer of the manufacturer (Cream Stout) is a rich dark color, bright unique taste and density. But in Russia, one of the most popular foreign varieties is Guiness, as it previously only entered the market in the country after the collapse of the USSR.

It is also worth noting that Russia has sold many Belgian, German, French, American and even Japanese Beers, that list is simply impossible. The Russian connoisseurs of intoxicating drink will be able to find all these varieties on the shelves of major supermarkets in the country.

Advice 2: What is the best beer

Beer is drunk in many countries around the world for many millennia. This is a fairly ancient beverage, which was known in Ancient Egypt as well as Babylon, China. Beer drinking people of different ages and nationalities. And sometimes it's hard to understand what beer is better, as it is often difficult to choose the right option.
What is the best beer

Dark or light beer?

As a rule, taste is a quite subjective concept. Varieties of light beer beverage very similar to each other, but the dark kin has a specific taste. This beer is bitter, with very different the technology of production. In addition, it's stronger than light. At the same time, trying different varieties, you can determine what kind of beer you taste.

Draught or bottled beer?

So, these two types differ primarily in delivery technologies to consumers. In the bottle or jar, the beer is stored for a long time due to different preservatives that alter the fermentation process, and bottling the product is bottled in the pins with the barrel. Accordingly, because of this, the shelf life decreases. It is worth saying that bottled or canned beer is much more harmful to the human body. But, anyway, beer lovers always say it is the taste of draft beer beverage. In addition, a narrow neck will not give the entire experience the beauty of the drink throughout its range. Another jar (bottle) are harmful bacteria that are in the process of eating stored in the body. And if you think about it, what kind of beer is best – bottled or draught, you should choose the last option. As it is always fresh and has a more lively taste than canned beer in the Bank.

Unfiltered or filtered beer?

This drink varies according to the amount of nutrients and the production method. For the manufacture of filtered beer manufacturer due to the filtering and pasteurization to stop the fermentation processes. Thus, unfiltered beer contains a lot of nutrients while at the same time, it is stored shorter period of time. It is important to remember that in cans (bottles) doesn't contain unfiltered beer. Usually a "live" drink you can order at the bar. It is also worth to look at the expiration date. After all, the real non-filtered beer is stored for several days.

What beer is the best: manufacturer

The quality of the beer drink is affected by the following: the manufacturer, country of supply and shelf life. Usually good beer in Germany and the Czech Republic, the historic homeland of the drink. Please note that imported beer is more expensive. Different varieties have different flavor characteristics. So, for example, Russian varieties of the drink have a distinctive smell and have an aftertaste of alcohol, and Chinese beer is soft and somewhat reminiscent of lemonade. In addition, a huge range allows you to buy beer is strong and weak, and also with different flavors. So now you have an idea of what beer to choose. With such a large selection of the drink people will be able to find something to your liking. It is worth Recalling that beer is harmful to human health, so they cannot be abused.

Advice 3: A beer is more harmful

Beer is one of the oldest weak alcoholic beverages, which was used in Ancient Egypt. Today beer is in great demand in most countries of the world, which leads to its production in large volumes. However, not all varieties of this drink are of high quality and good taste.
A beer is more harmful

Live unfiltered and filtered beer

Quality beer is produced from natural malt, hops, special brewer's yeast and water. Moreover, water is a self-respecting brewers typically use from artesian wells. Brewing is a multistep process, which may last from 1.5 to 3 hours. But the result is a delicious, lively drink with a little hazy color for the remainder of brewer's yeast.

The value of this beverage is that it has a fresh taste and contains nutrients. However, it is stored very long – after only a couple hours of beer starts to change its taste. And in a sealed condition, it can be stored only for 7 days, after which it will be considered overdue. Brewed in compliance with all standards of living beer is not only most delicious but also the most useful.
Is beer in Russia is often sold in the winter, when the demand is small. It can also be found in cafes, restaurants and Breweries in the Czech Republic and Germany.

However, to make it unprofitable, so beer is often filtered. In this process, the beer loses the yeast remains and becomes a light amber color. This beer is kept a little longer – about a month, but loses the content of nutrients unfiltered.
Quality beer is not cheap, because the manufacturer is unprofitable to sell it at a low price. High cost, of course, is no guarantor of good taste, but cheap price should definitely force him to give up beer.

Pasteurized beer

To increase the shelf life of beer, manufacturers are subjected to a filtered beverage pasteurization. This process involves heating the beer to a temperature of about 80 ° C to destroy the existing microorganisms capable of reproduction.

As a result, in the alcoholic drink is exactly nothing useful, but be stored in bottles and cans that beer can last several months. It is the most common and can be found on store shelves. For this reason, bottled beer is much more harmful than beer. In addition, the bottle neck and the more cupping the hole contains a lot of bacteria.

Too cheap beer masked by filtered pasteurized, made from water, alcohol and a synthetic powder. Therefore, the desire to save money on this drink, hoping to buy more can lead to very sad consequences including poisoning.

Dark and light beer

The quality of these two types of beer about the same, if the manufacturer strictly adheres to the production technology and uses natural ingredients. The only difference is the taste like dark beer roasted malt, and therefore the color of the drink is more saturated. And to get semi-dark beer, a mixture of roasted and regular malt.

Advice 4: What is the most expensive meat in the world

In the world there are a number of food products, whose value seems to many people too high. The majority of their price is due to the complexity of production or rare. These products include, and the most expensive beef in the world.
What is the most expensive meat in the world

Marbled beef is the most expensive in the world

The average price of beef in Russia does not exceed 500 rubles per kilogram, so it is hard to imagine that on the planet there are people willing to buy cow meat at the price of over a thousand dollars per kilogram. However, these buyers are more than enough, and such a high price they pay for the most expensive meat in the world – marbled beef.
High-value marbled beef is not only a complex technology of cultivation of cows, and that cow's carcass not so many pieces, suitable for cooking steaks.

Kobe beef is a kind of meat, full of fat thin layers, which gives the piece of beef cut similarities with marble. Thanks to these strata, dishes of marbled beef particularly tender and have a delicate taste and exceptional softness, as in the process of rapid heat treatment fat is converted into meat juices.

The price of beef strongly depends on the number and thickness of layers. Naturally, the higher valued meat containing many thin layers, not a few layers of fat thickness of a finger. For several centuries the best marble beef produced in Japan, where the bulls of the breed, Wagyu contained literally in a Paradise-like conditions, including special feeding regime and careful monitoring of diet. Now marble the meat export Australia, New Zealand, USA, countries of Latin America, but the best is still considered Japanese beef.
According to scientists, marbled beef is not only delicious, but also can reduce the risk of cancer.

Why meat can be so expensive?

To get the perfect result Bychkov, Wagyu long time hold on dairy feeding, and at the age of six months are sent to pasture. Some time later, the animals were placed in individual stalls, where hung in a special sling system that does not allow them to move, but at the same time does not allow the fat to accumulate in the same place, as the muscles of the calves are tense. Within seven to ten months they are fed the highest quality grain, watered beer or red wine, do massage and put to classical music for best digestion. In Japan animals daily rubbed with the local vodka – sake. It is believed that this positively affects the taste of meat which is then the most expensive steak in the world. On some farms the diet of cows to add honey, which during frying of meat, caramelizes, creates a savory crust.

Advice 5: What country is the most drinking in the world

When asked about which country is the drinking in the world, a mechanically say "Russia". However quite the contrary is evidenced by the rating made by the world health organization, consisting of seven countries that are leaders in alcohol consumption per capita in one year.
What country is the most drinking in the world
The rating opens the small African country of Andorra. Local citizens because of his love for alcohol was able to take seventh place. The result of the study showed that the per capita in this country have almost to 15.5 litres of alcohol per year.
A step below in the "hit parade" is Estonia, where one person a year out of 15.56 liters of alcoholic beverages. The authorities unsuccessfully try to reduce the amount of alcohol drunk, by entering a similar Russian ban on its sale from 22-00 to 10-00. It is forbidden to sell alcohol to minors, and to appear with alcohol in public places, except specially designed (meaning restaurants, cafes and bars).
In fifth place is Ukraine. The rich tradition of the feast that can't go without the famous vodka and pepper, along with the European mentality, which does not include strong prohibitions on the taking of alcohol, played a role. Therefore, as a result of researches it became known that the average Ukrainian per year consumes about 15,57 liters.
In fourth place you can see Russia, which is considered the birthplace of vodka and various tinctures based on it. In the case of Russians, the level of alcohol consumption per capita is 15,57 liters per year. This figure falls slightly from year to year that legislators associate with the country introduced restrictions on the sale of alcohol. It is curious that the lion's share of alcohol consumed is vodka or brandy, and beer.
Third place intoxicating "the hit parade" is Hungary. And this fact is not surprising, because in this country, as elsewhere, like to drink a beer under a delicious dinner of rich and varied traditional dishes. In just one year, the Hungarian can drink about 16.3 liters of intoxicating drink.
"Silver" rating were able to conquer the Czech Republic, which is famous worldwide for its beer. Here the average person eats about 16.5 litres of alcohol. It should be noted that the Czech brewing traditions have a long history. But because no restriction fails to limit the consumption of beer, especially that the place of the Czech Republic in the ranking, actually, pretty doubtful, because it is extremely difficult to calculate how many drink the citizens of the country, and how much her multimillion-dollar tourist audience coming specifically to try one of the famous varieties of live beer.
Well, the first "victory" is Moldova. This is a country where almost everyone is fluent in the knowledge and practice of winemaking art. Probably, this fact could affect these results, which show that the average per person per year account for about 18.3 liters of alcohol.
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