World Beer Awards 2013

Every year in the UK held a competition among manufactured varieties of beer from around the world. Experts evaluate the signature beverage based on such basic characteristics as number and timing of subsidence of foam, density, hop bitterness, malt flavor, etc. In 2013, the competition was special because among the winners were many Japanese Beers.

Speaking about the nominations, the best dark beer was recognized under the name Belgian Malheur 12. The number indicates the strength of the beer. Approval of the manufacturers, this beer is brewed according to the ancient recipe of one of the European monastic orders. The title of best lager (or lager beer) was given to the native of Foggy Albion called Sharp's Cornish Pilsner. To the great surprise of the audience, the best smoked beer has been recognized as varieties from Germany, France or Belgium. In 2013, like the title earned Japanese brand Tazawako Beer Rauch.

It was nominated for many more winners in more than 10 categories but from the point of view of jury, the best varieties of intoxicating drink was produced in the UK, Japan, Czech Republic, Belgium and Austria.

Quality available to consumers in Russia

In Russia beer is a very popular alcoholic beverage. With an enormous range of Russian brands on the market and represented a variety of foreign Beers, which are standard in the countries where they were welded. First of all this Czech manufacturer, like Krusovice. Under this brand is produced as a classic light beer and dark Beers. Dark beer has a rich taste with a flavor that speaks about quality rare malt, which is an integral part of the process when cooking dark varieties. The cost of one bottle/cans of 0.5 litre will cost in the region of 150 rubles.

The UK is home to many varieties of beer, such as Guiness, Murphy's, Harp, St Peters, etc. All these varieties can be bought in Russia, their price tag starts at 180 rubles. Very rich, long history different last brand. Beer under the trademark St Peters is in the ancient castle of the same name, in the County of Suffolk. The basement it is fully equipped for brewing. Hops and malt are grown in the same enterprise. Dark beer of the manufacturer (Cream Stout) is a rich dark color, bright unique taste and density. But in Russia, one of the most popular foreign varieties is Guiness, as it previously only entered the market in the country after the collapse of the USSR.

It is also worth noting that Russia has sold many Belgian, German, French, American and even Japanese Beers, that list is simply impossible. The Russian connoisseurs of intoxicating drink will be able to find all these varieties on the shelves of major supermarkets in the country.