You will need
  • Acrylic sealant special gun or a pastry syringe.
For sealing joints between the tiles well suited acrylic sealant. It comes in the box, to work with it will need a special gun, which is sold separately. Before beginning the process of sealing cracks cut the tip of the tube at an angle of 45 degrees, put on the container with the sealant gun. Clutching the container tightly to the gap between the tiles and pressing down on the handle of the gun, slowly advance the tube along the seam. Thus the seam is filled with sealant, and the gap is almost invisible.
Acrylic sealant
What to do if there is no special gun or you just decided to save money on buying it? The question is not idle, as a quality handgun is not cheap, and buying it if you are not going to do repairs every month, it makes no sense.
Gun for sealant usage
Come to the aid of the usual pastry syringe, which is available in the Arsenal of many Housewives. And buying it will be cheaper than buying a gun. Take the bottle with the sealant that presses on the bottom, for example, handle of a hammer, fill a pastry syringe to 2/3 of its volume. Usually set to the syringe is a lot of curly heads. Use the one that is cut at an acute angle. Further work in the same way as you would with a gun.
Confectionery syringe