Make sure that the laptop is installed and configured properly. In particular, you need to download the appropriate driver and install a special program, otherwise you will not be able to take pictures with the webcam of the laptop. Usually the default application for device control is automatically installed with the driver package, but you can download an additional program from a number of commercial or free, with which to take pictures with web camera becomes much easier. Among them OrbiCam, Crystal Eye Life Frame and others. Not to be mistaken and to download is compatible with your camera app, perform a search for the model name of the laptop.
Open the installed program, if necessary, to make photo with webcam. This can be done in several ways, for example, by clicking an appropriate icon on the taskbar or by opening the app via the menu "start". Also you can press simultaneously on the keyboard function key Fn and the button with the camera icon. To define a more convenient combination, use the app settings or keyboard in the "control Panel" of your operating system.
Select the appropriate image settings via the program menu before you take a picture with web camera of the laptop. Typically, users adjust the brightness, contrast and color images. In addition, you can add to the image one of the portrait frames, as well as a fun collage. Select a folder on your hard disk in which you save made camera laptop photos, settings current date and time.
Click on the button with the camera icon which is often located at the center of the bottom of the app to instantly take a photo. The photos will be available for preview and editing in the program itself and in the folder where they were saved.
In addition to photography web camera laptop allows you to shoot movies when pressing the corresponding button in the application. Here you can pre-set quality and color reproduction of the camera image, which will then be used during video calls and other operations.