Presentation of information

Maybe, the husband isn't listening to you because you are so convey information. When you want something to tell your spouse, remember that men are better grasp the essence of the conversation, but don't pay any attention to the numerous details that girls seem so important and interesting.

Start a conversation with the chief and not deviate from the topic during the conversation. It happens that the wife jumps from one object to another discussion, and her husband, which is difficult to focus on this monologue, just shut off.

Choose a good time to talk with your spouse. If he came home tired, hungry and cranky is not the best time to discuss with him some important things.
Wait until he comes back in a good mood, and then start a conversation.

Question authority

Maybe you believe that the husband isn't listening to you, just because he doesn't do in your opinion? So you have a reason to try to Express their opinion in a different form. Perhaps you are too categorical in its recommendations, and the spouse not listening to you solely because of stubbornness and male pride.

To promote their ideas must be gently and unobtrusively, to a spouse thought that a brilliant idea occurred to him. If you care not to take away from the husband the authority of the head of the family, and to keep the interests of your family, you will listen to this advice and change tactics.
Try not to cut your husband, do not scold him for his mistakes and forget such unpleasant for men's ears the phrase, "I told you so".

Show an example

If you want the husband consulted with you and consider your opinion when making important decisions, show the first example. Maybe you're acting too independently and demonstrate that the solution you no matter the opinion of the spouse. In this case, it is natural that the faithful responds to you the same.

Create your family a real team whose members respect, appreciate and love each other. You first have to begin to cultivate such family values, and then demand the same behavior from her husband.


Maybe your better half does not listen to you, consider what you do not understand what you tell me. He doesn't trust your opinion, because he thinks your judgment is superficial.

Show competence in the issue that you discuss with your husband. Collect information about the exciting for you and prepare convincing facts that will help you make the spouse of a supporter.