Advice 1: Why girl doing the piercing

Today, piercing is one of the most fashionable forms of the transformation of the human body. Although there are no specific age limits, is still more popular piercings enjoys among the youth.
Why girl doing the piercing

The art of piercing

Despite its popularity in the modern world, the art of piercing parts of the body, appeared in ancient times. In those days, the presence of piercing, especially among males, was a sign of strength, of courage, of high rank or belonging to a particular tribe or nation.

Currently, piercing is common in many countries of the world. Fans of this beauty are mostly young people aged 16 to 25 years, but there are many examples among the older generation. In decorating your body in this way has no boundaries. Puncturing can be anything you want: ears, lip, navel, eyebrow, tongue and other parts of the body.

What is the purpose of girl making tongue piercing?

Enormous popularity among the fair sex, is piercing the tongue. Wonder what purpose the girls dare to take this step, because the procedure is rather unpleasant and requires special care for a quick healing.

How many people, so many opinions. Needless to say and to argue with the fact that a pierced tongue looks very sexy. According to surveys among the male half, you can come to the conclusion that this accessory gives pleasure to the guy, not only during kissing, but also during foreplay.
It turns out that one of the reasons is the desire of the partner to deliver as much pleasure to her lover during intimate games.

The desire to stand out from the gray mass, is also the cause of the adornment of language. This gives young girls the chance to boldly and bravely declare their individuality, to draw the attention of others and to be liberated in the end. They like to look at the stone in his language, as some of them think it is beautiful.

Despite the fact that women are considered the weaker sex, by nature they are quite fearless and inquisitive. Many are lured by the desire to know: "what it's like to live with a barbell in your tongue?", after all, if you do not like, a punctured hole will disappear very quickly.
On the healing of the puncture usually takes no more than two or three days, if no complications.

Women spend hours sitting at a TV screen in order not to miss another fashion show. Piercing is also considered a fashion trend. Therefore many ladies a tongue piercing in the pursuit of trends. And thanks to the popularity of this trend, you can purchase a stunning rod for every taste.

How much would be the reasons motive the girls are independent.

Advice 2: How to do a piercing in the lip

Piercing is a perforation of different parts of the body piers (with earrings) made of titanium and surgical steel (the most common piercing of ears, eyebrows, lips and tongue). Subsequently you can insert ornaments of silver and of gold, but not copper, Nickel and other oxidizing metals. Today the piercing is made mostly for decoration and highlight your personality from masses of people.
How to do a piercing in the lip
You will need
  • surgical marker
  • needle for piercing (15G — 1.4 mm; 18G — 1 mm)
  • - cotton swabs
  • - a solution of Betadine or miramistina
  • - stretching to increase puncture
  • - clips and unlatches for rings
  • - characterzation
  • - earring
  • - tweezers
First and foremost, prepare all the tools for body piercing: the needle for piercing, unlatches and clips for rings, tweezers, stretching to increase puncture and characterzation carefully disinfect. To avoid the risk of entering any type of infection in the open wound, put hands on sterile surgical gloves.
Mark a special surgical marker to the desired location of needle entry. Types of lip piercing are horizontal piercing - when a puncture is performed along the line of the lips, most often the lower. In this type of piercing it is best to use ornaments made of elastic materials such as PTFE, BIOPLAST. The disadvantage of this type of puncture is the impossibility of striking manifestations of emotions: free to frown or smile. Vertical piercing - when a puncture occurs perpendicular to the lip, at an angle of 90° (the traditional way) or vertically — puncture passes through the lower lip. Vertical lip piercing is the least dangerous to the teeth - a puncture is made with the expectation that the item bar, banana, ring, or labret — could not touch the tooth enamel.
Then with a cotton swab pre-soaked in Betadine solution or miramistina, disinfect the area of the piercing (puncture).
Igloo quick and almost painless swipe through the marked point of the puncture. Pull the needle, the catheter leave. Then insert the jewelry into the catheter and thread through the puncture. The whole procedure of the puncture will only take you a minute or two.
Usually the puncture is completely healed within 1.5-2 months, the infection rarely develops. On the second day after making the puncture, the lip may swell but swelling will subside after seven days. Therefore, it is necessary to use a long stud, which will need to be replaced after the swelling goes down, shorter.
Once you have pierced the lip, don't forget about caring for a puncture. Each day, rinse your mouth with an antiseptic solution (e.g. 3% hydrogen peroxide solution pre-diluted 50% with water) 3-5 times during that time, until the wound heals. Do the compresses for three minutes with a solution miramistina putting tampons to external and internal sides of the puncture.
Useful advice
Use only sterile disposable needles for piercing

Advice 3: Why Russian girls are the most beautiful

Increasingly on the catwalks of the world come Russian girls. More and more men from different countries want to find their family happiness with a beautiful woman from Russia. Russian women become the benchmark of Earthly beauty.
Russian beauty


Russia has never suffered from nationalism, as some other countries. Openness, hospitality and friendliness has been always peculiar to the natives. This, and the assimilation and blurring of boundaries are the reason that throughout the country today it is impossible to find any full-blooded Russian. Anthropologists believe that racial mixing improves the health and potential of humanity. This is the first reason of the beauty of Russian women.


No matter how changed fashion and tastes at different times and in different countries, always the main priority in the evaluation of beauty, were considered signs of good health: shiny thick hair, a healthy smooth skin and slim waist. Surprisingly, despite the relative imperfection of our environmental institutions, the nature of on sixth of the land is a lot cleaner than in Western Europe. And this is an important factor for the birth of healthy and beautiful children. Whatever temporary quirk of fashion, a fresh complexion, a healthy glow on the cheeks, clean bright eyes and light flying gait will never cease to be the main on the catwalks. The image of a healthy woman, the future mother of his children attracts mens attention on a subconscious level. Rosy Russian beauty with steep hips, lush Breasts, a thick braid and small waist conquers the world.

Russian nature

Proven that the inner world of man transforms his appearance. All traits of time draws on a face with wrinkles. Let's see what good, lovely real grandmother live nearby. The Russian tenderness and femininity, inherent to the Russian girls, is wisdom and enlightenment in old age.

Never in Russian villages and towns accustomed to the excessive emancipation. The woman has always been smart. She looks at her man with love and hope from the bottom up. The only way to encourage him to feats. Admiring the woman's eyes – what could be better?!

Only a Russian woman obeys, remaining unconquered. No man will not remain indifferent, looking into the eyes of such a beauty. Pride and softness, warmth and self-esteem – a deadly cocktail for the entire male population of the world.


Accept a priori that the ideal is something average. For greater approximation to it is necessary to collect as many different components (in this case race and ethnicity), a good stir and highlight something in between. This is exactly what happened a century and Millennium, on the territory of ancient Russia. The Polish gentry, the Scandinavian Vikings, Tatar, Caucasian and Northern peoples – all mixed up on the territory of Russia. The result is the most beautiful woman in the world.
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