The technology of making handmade soap

To make soap at home you will need:
- soap base;
- essential oils;
- glycerin;
- various supplements;
- dyes;
- enamelled deep bowl or pan;
- molds;
- alcohol.

First you need to decide what will be your soap, which he will have a flavor and what supplements you add. Sale in specialized stores is transparent and opaque soap base. It can also be made of baby soap.

If you use the soap base, cut it into cubes, and baby soap grate. This is necessary in order to keep the soap melted quickly and turned into a homogeneous mass.

Put the pieces into an enamel pan and put it in a water bath. Basis heat, stirring, until soap is melted completely. Add some glycerin and mix well.

Drip a few drops of essential oil to give the soap fragrance. It will not only give a pleasant smell , and will produce health benefits for your skin and body in General. For example, peppermint oil or lavender helps to relax and essential oil of grapefruit or orange will help to make the skin more elastic. Put the necessary additives.
If you add to basis of coffee grounds, you get a great scrub soap. You can also put a variety of dried herbs, honey, cream or milk, ground oatmeal, cosmetic clay and so on.

Give the soap the desired color. Now produced a huge number of dyes for soap, which can be purchased in specialized stores, with which it is possible to give the soap any desired shade.
Soap can be colored using only natural dyes. For example, a yellow tint will give saffron, red or pink - beet juice, green — spinach puree.

Next, pour the prepared mass in the molds. For this you can use any plastic containers, for instance, yogurt or butter, toy molds for playing in the sandbox or silicone bakeware. Pour the cooled mass and spray the soap surface with rubbing alcohol (this will help prevent the appearance of bubbles).

Leave to cool for 10-12 hours. Then remove the Soaps and let them dry completely within a week. At this time, soap shall be regularly turned to dry evenly.

Soap recipes handmade

Very nice and good for the skin - soap with lemon peel. To prepare it, melt in a water bath transparent soap base - 100 grams, add 7 drops of essential oil of lemon or orange, add a 1.5 teaspoons of sea buckthorn oil and sprinkle 1 teaspoon dry lemon peel (if using fresh, the soap will quickly spoil, so necessary it is dry). The molten mass with all the ingredients mix and pour into the mold. Allow the soap to dry.

For making wonderful soap with lavender and olive oil take 100 grams of the opaque soap base or baby soap. Also melt it in a water bath and add:
- 1 teaspoon of unrefined olive oil;
- 5 drops of lavender oil.

A lot of carefully mix and add the purple dye for soap. Please note that the color of the finished product will be a little lighter. Pour into soap molds and allow to dry.