A round brush called a special hair comb that has round shape and is equipped with a special bristle structure. The second meaning of this word is a special way of styling to give the hair volume and splendor.

Hair brush

Brush with round base and metal and natural bristles required for styling the hair. The diameter of the round brush depends entirely on the density, structure and length of hair. To create volume, curls require brushing to eight inches in diameter, that is, with a broad base.

For curls and waves, you will need a brush with short metal bristles, which are well wound hair, hair transmit the temperature from a hair dryer. The diameter of the round brush depends on the volume of the curls, what it is, the curls will be larger.

For straightening curly and frizzy hair, will suit a round brush with natural bristles (usually made of brushes made of bristles), which are perfectly untangle and comb the curls. Best Foundation brush for straightening strands using a hair dryer is ceramic, it allows the flow of air is evenly distributed over the entire length of hair. Ceramic nozzle copes with unruly hair.

Brushing combined or nylon bristles is just perfect for fine and limp hair in need of volumising. Remember another important point: the longer your hair, the bigger you should select a brush. After all, if you are the owner of a short haircut, you will not be able to wind the strands on a large round brush.
Appeared in the sale of ceramic brushing, which change their color under the influence of temperature.

Brushing are distinguished:
- base material (metal, plastic, ceramic and wooden);
- hardness of teeth and the frequency of their location;
- the type of bristle (synthetic, natural);
regular or thermal;
- the diameter.
Ceramic round brush best protects the hair from overheating, gives them natural Shine, significantly better than plastic or metal counterparts.

Method of installation

Brushing hair is a method of styling hair, aimed at giving volume at the roots with a hair dryer and a comb. This method is perfect for ladies with thin and weak hair. The winner of the curly nature of the hair using the round brush pulling the curl.