This dish can be a great addition to the holiday table or just a treat. Red fish for pickling should only buy the latest. That is, if You see that the fish is really great, it is possible to pickle red fish. Salt can different types of fish. Almost all of it boneless and suitable for pickling. This may be chum salmon, salmon, trout or char. Salting the fish whole fillets, or cut into slices-slices. With salt skin is not recommended, it is very hard to cut.

To properly and tasty pickle red fish, take the following products:

Trout to 1 kg, it is better if the fillet is in one piece. Salt; sugar; citric acid; Vodka.

The method of salting is not complicated and it is not long, however, a certain procedure needs to withstand:

• Take the fillets wash it if you need to clean from skin and bones.

• Fillet you can freeze or if you can just cut it with a sharp knife into thin strips.

• Find a convenient container for pickling. Put the bottom of the tank with strips of fish. Then sprinkle the fish with salt, sugar, add a little citric acid and sbryznite vodka is the first layer.

• Then repeat until you get all the fish in the pan, sprinkling the ingredients.

• Tighten the tray with clingfilm. With a toothpick make some holes in the foil so the fish suffocated.

• You need to hold the fish in room temperature for about 4 hours.

• After you need to put the fish in the fridge for 2-3 days, depending on the slice thickness.

• Solki, periodically remove the fish and pour her juice that will collect in the bottom of the tray. Gradually, all the juice is absorbed.

• When the fish is salted before the required condition, then gently pull it out and rinse. Then re-lay already in the dry tray.

• Serve the fish with olives, feta cheese, California cheese or butter. This appetizer is good for champagne or Brut. Bon appetit!