You can add funds to the account of another subscriber of MTS using the service "Direct transfer" using your mobile phone. Dial *112* and the phone number of the person you want to transfer, then the following command - *amount of transfer#. After a while you will get a text message with the code, then you should use the command *112*code#.
Refill the other party's Megaphone possible when using the service "Mobile transfer". Use the command *133*phone number*transfer amount#. Further, after receiving the verification code, dial *109*code#. That service is available to subscribers of Beeline. It is performed by dialing *145*phone number*transfer amount#. The Ambassador receiving the code, dial *145*code#.
To replenish the account of another subscriber, not necessarily to use for this mobile phone. Currently the largest Russian banks provide their clients an online service for making payments and conducting other transactions on your Bank account, for example, "Alfa-Click", "Sberbank Online", etc., Go to your personal account and in the payment menu, select the account replenishment of mobile phone. This operation takes just seconds and is available without a fee.
Use the services of various Internet payment systems to replenish the account of another subscriber, e.g. "WebMoney", "Yandex-Money" and "QIWI", etc. To start you need to go through a quick registration process and then Fund your e-account. This can be done via credit card, postal transfer, payment with mobile numbers, etc. learn More about the Deposit methods you can learn through help service payment system. Select the function of replenishment of the mobile account and perform the transfer. Surgery most often is a small fee.
Replenish the subscriber's account through payment terminals "QIWI", "JCB", "Golden Crown" and others, which are located in various shopping pavilions and companies in your city. It is enough to specify the desired number of recharge through touchscreen or keypad terminal, and then insert the required number of banknotes to the receiver. Transfer of funds to the account occurs instantly, but, as a rule, with this method of replenishment will be charged the highest Commission.