You will need
  • - the drawing paper;
  • - gouache;
  • pencil;
  • - various stickers.
Posters for various events, such as birthday, graduation in kindergarten, the first of September, the end of the first class and many others can be bought ready-made in any bookstore. You can also use printing services which offer ready-made designs posters for any occasion, also you can order custom posters with photos from the personal archive. A poster is always a nice gift for baby.
Make a poster of their own, and even better with your child. This is the most wonderful gift. If you draw well and have imagination, you can make a poster with drawings and applications. If you don't know what to do, then it is possible to download on the Internet a lot of templates. Usually, they are downloaded archive and consist of several parts. On the design of one poster, you may need eight sheets of A4. Or you can simply browse all the options and write them down on paper.
Print thumbnails to printer. Better black and white version, then you will have the opportunity to color them with your child. Connect the sheets at the dotted lines, paste them onto a drawing paper. To decorate and liven up the poster, stick the different stickers (this can be large butterflies or flowers with insects).
You can also place the poster photos or entire collages of them about your child. In the center you can insert a photo of the baby, and the edges to place it with family, friends, or pictures of any trips or holidays.

Come up with an interesting and captivating photo captions. If you wish to make a poster, create a small story or poem about your baby. In some of the corners leave an empty box to each guest could write (or you could record their words) one good quality about your baby. It was a memorable and enjoyable gift. Many years later, your child will be able to look again and to read your warm words about him.