If you've decided just to be friends with a guy, not "feed" it with excessive promises and even just hints that he may be your soul mate through a particular period of time. It is better to thank the young man if he did or does for you something important, and say that he is a true friend. Be wary of hugs and kisses – they must also be purely friendly and not like flirting on your part.
Try to prevent gestures of courtship: if a young man invites you to the restaurant, take the opportunity to hold a joint picnic in a secluded place, and giving flowers or a valuable gift, it is better to politely refuse. Offer him just to walk and chat in a familiar, everyday setting. During the initial phase of friendly relations it is better to bring more friends to not feel uncomfortable alone with a guy and not be tempted to get close to him.
To just be friends with the boy, persuading him in their intentions, look for topics of conversation and interests that bring you in this regard. For example, discuss movies, video games, updates on social networks, things at the University or at work, etc. it is Better to avoid talking about your or his love Affairs, sexual issues and all that can awaken the interest in you as an object of romance.
Be prepared for the fact that eventually or even immediately the young man may begin to experience feelings for you and try spending more time alone, to ask awkward questions, etc., Gently tell him that you do not wish to start a serious relationship, or you already have the person who owns your heart. Also give other reasons for your cancellation, if required, for example, that it does not fit your nature, you prefer a different type of men, so just want to be friends with a guy.
Act naturally in the company of a guy like you communicate with his girlfriend. If you are confident with the person you can safely share with him some secrets and simply with ease to communicate on everyday topics.
Invite a young person help in finding a spouse. Maybe he needs a girl for a relationship, and you then become one of the main contenders for this role. Arrange for him to meet one of your close friends who is also looking for a soul mate, or just tell us that paying attention to girls and how to win their heart.