Rate possible between you friendship. If your relationship was based only on passion and sex, after a breakup you are unlikely to become friends - most likely, after a few passionate "recurrence" relations you will finally quarrel. But if your relationship was friendly, sincere and open – you have a chance to remain friends.
In parting, behave properly, decently and culturally. Don't insult the guy, don't try to hurt him or throw a tantrum. Restrain yourself, even if you have something to say. Sorry guy, it is important to maintain friendships, tell him he's great, but you better leave.
If the initiator of the gap became your lover, do not try to begin to sort things out – the guys really do not like. Accusations and claims you only bring him out of himself and eventually't miss your chance to get a good friend. Want to speak – do it alone or write a letter which then needs to be destroyed.
Do not attempt to use the friendship to restore relations. Whoever was the initiator of the breakup, the first step is to make the guy. But if you feel that ex-boyfriend only wants sex, you better give up, otherwise you will feel used.
Began to chat amiably, avoid situations and words that may have a stimulating effect. If you want to just be friends, sexual touch in a relationship you to anything. Do not meet, especially the first time, alone. Chat in a cafe, in the company of mutual friends, etc. Control your emotions and thoughts – you should not allow yourself to think about your ex-boyfriend as a sexual partner. These thoughts your subconscious mind will be given by gestures and facial expressions, and your friend on a subconscious level they "read" them.
Respect his privacy and don't let ex-boyfriend to intervene in your. If you will fail this test, then you have every chance to keep the friendship for long.