Resorts in Bulgaria - whether to choose popular?

In Bulgaria there are two of the most popular resort. It's Golden Sands and Sunny beach. They are located near major coastal cities - Varna and Burgas. Each of them has an international airport that facilitates the tourists the way to the hotel. Therefore, in the resorts Golden Sands and Sunny beach, even out of season a lot of people.
Choosing where to go, do not cling to familiar names - Golden Sands, Sunny beach, Vlas Holy. Explore the coast of Bulgaria, select a small town and find out more about him. You will not be disappointed.

The price of food, the food in the restaurants in the popular resorts more expensive than the less popular beaches. And crowded seaside makes Sunny beach and Golden Sands less attractive for tourists. In the season is difficult to find the place, as almost all beaches in Bulgaria are public, and even those who live in hotels have to rent chairs or sit right on the sand on the Mat.

But if someone love this country wholeheartedly, to not worry. On the black sea coast of Bulgaria there are dozens of small towns that have retained their color and delight travelers with low prices, home-grown fruits and vegetables, almost deserted beaches.
For the Russians in Bulgaria need a visa. You can obtain it in the Consulate in Moscow also allowed the entry of a valid Schengen visa.

Not very popular Bulgarian resorts - how to choose

A small Bulgarian towns and villages on the coast of the Black sea are attracting more tourists. Many know the names of Kranevo, Obzor, Balchik, Kiten, Pomorie. There is a beautiful and clean Black sea, with excellent beaches, but there are no crowds of tourists. The entire infrastructure of the towns adapted for tourists. There is a small family cafe where you can taste traditional Bulgarian and European dishes, there are amusement parks with inflatable slides, trampolines, carousels, supermarkets, fitness centers, network hotels, mini-hotels.

Relax there for very little money. A room in a four star hotel with Breakfast costs twenty euros per day depending on the month. Cheaper in may/June, but this time the sea is still quite cold. You can rent apartments. Their price is ten euros per day. But most often it is the variant without kitchens, it is suitable for those who goes for a while without small children.

Each of these resorts has its own peculiarity, in the low Carpathian mountains that cover the city from the mainland, in Varna Bay, where the water is warmer than the sea and no waves, etc. These towns and villages are very beautiful and the rest of them could result in a better quality than the popular resorts.