Concrete and reinforced concrete is the most popular building material. So many people wonder how to properly tighten them with screws. Often the concrete used in the construction of the building Foundation, construction of walls and interior partitions. Due to its high strength, buildings of concrete are recognized as the most durable.

Types of screws for concrete

Among the most common screws for concrete it is necessary to highlight:

- a countersunk head;
- with cylindrical head.

The screws of the first type are made of steel on which is applied a thin layer of zinc for protection from corrosion. To use such a screw without dowel, as his full thread provides strength to the attachment.
In the presence of the concrete wall of the cavities is used or flared impact dowel.

Mounting screw concrete wall

Concrete is much stronger than all other building materials, so for drilling you should use a special drill bit, which is a product at the end of which has a carbide insert.

As for the tool, it is best to use a hammer drill if you buy it it is not possible, work could be undertaken by conventional drill. But in this case it won't be easy to drill, but to rotate during this drill bit around its axis. Otherwise, the concrete can not resist.

To start the wall to indicate the location of the future holes and only after that it can begin drilling. The depth of the hole should match the length of the screw.
The drill during operation heats. So it is not overheated, it should be wetted with water.

Making a small indentation in the hole is driven a pre-prepared pin and cranks. Thus, you need to do to get the necessary depth.

Of holes removed all the dust and debris. After that, it is inserted into a dowel and a screw.

The screw as the screw is screwed using a screwdriver to do it with the help of a screwdriver impossible. Otherwise it may just fall out after you hit the end of the hole.

How to pick up a drill and dowel

If a concrete wall is planned to attach a light object, you can use a plastic dowel drums and pobeditovoe drill. The diameter of the dowels and drill bits should be 6 mm. the length of the dowels is selected depending on the wall thickness of the subject that you plan to consolidate.

For attachment to concrete wall objects weighing 5 to 10 kg, used impact dowel with a diameter of 8 mm and a drill with the same diameter. The number of dowels of no less than four pieces.

Mounting heavy items, such as overhead cabinets, stands for televisions, must be carried out by using dowels with a diameter of 10 mm and desyatikilometrovy drill. To provide a more durable fastening is required not less than six anchors.