Need to kick punch to break the rocks, and rebar to drill a conventional drill. If you don't have to hand pobeditovoe drill, don't worry – you can still use a standard punch in that there are many construction sets. Insert it into the drill and drill a concrete wall.
Carbide drill can be sharpened asymmetrically. This drill bit will drill much faster. Before making hole in the concrete wall, you need a drill with a conventional grinding to make a label. Great for breaking concrete wall punch, which is made of drill with a diameter of 6-8 millimeters. End need to seal in the dovetail. The need to constantly drill to strike and turn. To punch the hole with the help of this tool, it only takes a few minutes.
When you drill a hole in concrete, you need to periodically wet the drill bit with water. Its life is thus extended. The most common tank used flexible plastic bottle.
Be careful when drilling holes in ceiling: plaster crumbs will fly into your eyes, wear the collar, under sleeves. In order to avoid this, you need to make from clear plastic film funnel. This funnel just put on a drill.
When installing a chandelier has to make a hole in the ceiling, then to install a metal hook. Not crumbling plaster, you need to use a rubber ball. It needs to be cut in half, do one of the halves of the hole and put it on a bolt or pin.