The festive surroundings

A year-old child is already quite big and independent. At this age, he begins to walk (or start doing it in the next few months), trying to say something and have a lot to understand what is happening in his life. Therefore, the first in his life is a big holiday to do unusual, different from other days.

A baby room can be decorated with balloons, preferably helium, since the normal can suddenly burst and scare the child. You can also hang colorful posters, pictures or funny pictures. The birthday to celebrate in a café, at home with loved ones or just relax in a family atmosphere. Basically, baby doesn't need any feasts, and value the atmosphere of the holiday, which gives him an understanding about the strangeness of this day.

The choice of gift

Of course, gifts for the little hero of the occasion required. At this age the differences in interests between girls and boys are still not very visible, so the division of gifts by gender is not significant. For the overall development of the boy also need a doll (or their likeness) for the study of body parts and the first role-playing games, and girls and cars.

The choice of gift for a child is quite complicated. If you are parents of the birthday boy, it makes things easier, because you know better than more passionate about the kid. If you are invited to the feast, or are a close relative of the child, it is also best to ask the parents that it is better to buy. At worst, we can safely give the money (or the certificate to a children's store), but be sure to add to this gift a small toy.

Some toys are leaders when choosing a gift for a one year old. But before you buy them, you should ask the parents if there is anything similar and does the location for this gift (if he has enough overall). One of the first places worth children's tent-house. It is as with balls (can be used as a dry basin). There are absolutely different designs, some go with the tunnels, baskets for balls etc. many kids love to play in these houses, and the balls allow them to develop physically and to come up with further new games with them. You can buy just the dry pool with balls, which in hot weather can be used as usual by filling it with water.

One of the most common toys are the rocking chairs that are completely different sizes and types: inflatable, wooden, plastic, plush. There is music, singing songs or making sounds, there are those that can be used as a stretcher. Swing is also a good option - there is a floor or hanging. Last for a longer period of use.

In a year the baby is already walking or trying to do it. And machine accessible, to the back where you can stay in first steps, too, will be very opportunely. Further, it can be used as tolokar - to drive it, pushing down from the floor. If the fiscal situation permits, the children's electric car will be a great gift option. It is powered by a battery, and many come with a remote control. The latter will come when the child himself cannot control their vehicles.

If the baby is very active and likes movement, a good gift can become sports facilities for the kids, a small Swedish wall, large inflatable balls (with horns). This is very useful for physical development, but not all children use it. It depends on the temperament of the child.

In stores a huge number of educational toys, you just have to look at the recommended age. Popular musical instruments: drums, piano, glockenspiel, etc., objects of domestic use: telephone, remote and others.

Children's books - also a good gift, good choice they are just huge. You should also choose them according to age. Good music, books (reading or singing by clicking on buttons), learning books - helping the child to acquire new knowledge (animals, colors, shapes, etc.).

Of course, the fit and such common toys, designers, cubes, mosaic come in handy for the baby. Importantly, they do not contain small parts and sharp edges.

Year-old boy can give cars as usual, and with sound effects, music, wheel, aircraft or any other transport. Children's transport that is an alternative to strollers is also a great gift in coordination with the child's parents. It is necessary to focus only on the time of year: summer - tricycle with handle, in winter - sledge. Their selection is also large, it is necessary when purchasing to take into account all the details. For example, bike for kids is designed more to be rolled parents, not for self-drive in the future, because they are quite heavy and the pedals are not always convenient for spinning.

In General, the options for gifts are many, it is worth to consider its financial possibilities and wishes of the parents. You can give useful things: clothes, shoes, linens, jewelry, etc. Well-proven creative gift cast pen for children/feet; owner, the protagonist of which is a birthday; family photo shoot etc. In this case, it is necessary to attach some kind of toy for the baby, because the usefulness of things he does not yet appreciate.

What gifts to give is not necessary

To choose gifts there are plenty, but it is not necessary to prevent some bugs. First, the child is only a year and it is not necessary to give something big, the same toy. If she goes for the older child and complex enough, a birthday she will simply not interesting and not relevant. Secondly, when choosing toys, you should pay attention to the quality and the material of which it is made. Cheap gift can bring more frustration than joy. Let it be easier, but better, than with many bells and whistles that a few days will cease to function. Thirdly, the toy should not contain small parts that a child could accidentally swallow.

The baby absolutely no difference how much a gift, sometimes a penny a trifle will interest him more than the expensive thing. Pay attention, more interested in the baby and then you will give him genuine pleasure.