Products and alcoholic beverages

Cyprus has very long been famous for the local wine that is rich and at the same time, a bouquet of soft fruit components, fragrant aroma and quite a thick consistency. Red wines produced on the island is pretty small, but sweet white or semi-sweet wine you can buy in any shop, try the local cafes and restaurants. One of the most delicious is considered white dessert wine "Commandaria", which is aged for at least 10 years and bottled in the original bottles.
Delicious Commandaria wine is sold in the monastery of Kykkos, located near the town of Troodos.

The best snack to Cypriot wine will be local olives of different varieties. Cook them residents of Cyprus are very tasty and different recipes, so a single jar should not be limited.

In Cyprus also, you should definitely try and grab a halloumi cheese, which local manufacturers are prepared from a mixture of sheep's and goat's milk. It has a delicate texture and slightly salty taste. And thanks to the higher than other cheeses, melting point it is suitable for toasting on the grill or pan. Every woman makes halloumi for my recipe, so it makes sense to try and buy this cheese from different manufacturers.
Halloumi is suitable as a snack for wine, and is also used for preparing different dishes including salads.

No less popular in Cyprus and sweets, which also have their own unique taste. From a trip to the island should bring a variety of jams, fruit rolls and mouth-watering Turkish delight. Especially tasty and fragrant is the walnut jam or rose petals.

Cosmetics, clothes, decor items

Local producers are famous not only for alcoholic beverages and food. In Cyprus you can also buy the extraordinary beauty of ceramics. Plates, vases, cups and saucers of various shapes and colors sold in local markets, allows them to choose any decor.

Much more expensive cost items and decor items with beautiful and original embroidery in the style of "lefkaritika". Creating them masters of the Cypriot village of Lefkara. You can acquire unique tablecloths and napkins fine handmade umbrellas, curtains, dresses, scarves and tops.

Women in Cyprus you can buy also local beauty soap, creams, scrubs. They are created by hand from natural products. In their composition often includes healthy olive oil.