You will need
  • - the civil passport;
  • - death certificate ;
  • - employment history of the deceased the income statement.
  • Be prepared to provide additional documents (upon request):
  • - marriage certificate or divorce;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - SNILS;
  • evidence of a disability.
To receive benefits for loss of a breadwinner can count persons who were fully dependent, they must not reach the age of majority or in some cases, the 23rd anniversary (if without parental care studying full-time). Make sure that the dependant has not lost the right to benefit.
Find the location of the regional pension Fund of Russia at the place of residence of the deceased or the dependant.
Apply to receive benefits. The application form can be obtained at the place of registration or the local pension Fund. The statement shall specify passport details of the applicant, the deceased and the remaining dependents. Also you need a Bank account that will be provided.
After making statements, when he will take the test data will indicate the duration of the application.
Expect the end of the agreed term, the money will go to the Bank account specified in the application.
If one of the family members, whose dependents had a baby or an invalid, missing, will have to collect the documents attesting to this. Apply to the district court for resolution, indicating a loss of a breadwinner as a missing person.
Wait a month until the court decision comes into force, you can then contact the pension Fund over the design of benefits for loss of breadwinner.