What is sensuality

The sensuality, as appears from the words, it is the ability and tendency to feel. The woman is indeed subject to feelings, always responsive, she is alive and spontaneous, knows how to enjoy and experience some real fun, so sad, seriously and thoroughly. She feels all around. The taste of the food, feeling the beautiful dresses on the skin, the eyes men...

This is what fascinates others. After all, sensual woman loved by not only men, they usually have a lot of girlfriends around intuitively sympathize with them. The thing is that with a man who knows how to feel, we can build a real dialogue, he was open to contact. Sensual woman helps those who need help, if you ask it to. She is feminine, simply because to be a woman – part of her nature that she cannot, and is not trying to resist.

Around usually especially note the smile sensual woman, so warm and open that her face literally glows.

Sensual woman and men

It does not matter how it looks, and the way you dress, sensual woman. Her femininity "leaks" through even the most neutral outfit. Special gestures, looks, gait: this is the consequence of her attitude. Due to the fact that she is able to feel their femininity and to follow it, the hearts of men come in awe when they meet such a woman. No wonder people have been telling that this is a real, true woman.

The ability to have fun and enjoy bringing pleasure to those who are close to her, making a sensual woman is uniquely beautiful in bed. And she doesn't have to have any special erotic talents or deep knowledge of the love of art. It can be completely inexperienced. But the ability to rejoice as we receive and deliver pleasure, has always been a very sensual woman from the other.

Despite the fact that often a woman follows a trail of broken men's hearts, she is not necessarily happy. Like no, she can deeply fall in love even at the wrong people. Sometimes it brings her great suffering. But for a long time to despair it will not allow the natural vitality and susceptibility.

Sensual woman is the opposite of fatal beauty, who stressed cold and indifferent to others. Despite the fact that men are attracted to her in the same sensual woman and she is suffering, if it brings someone misery. But if she was lucky and her mutual love, the joy that she feels and her partner, knows no bounds. It is a deep feeling of happiness. Sensual woman – the perfect wife and mother.